Review - Audio Book by Sri Sri
  • Dear friends,

    Some time back I had purchased the audio book of ponniyin selvan by SriSri.
    I happened listen some parts of the first part an year back but the other parts were not available from iTunes to India.
    I resisted the temptation to buy an English translation and read it.
    I am mighty glad that I waited.
    This experience of listening in wonderful Tamil to this great rip roaring historical adventure full of noble characters with lofty ideals has given immeasurable pleasure .
    What a reading ! It was enthralling. Hard work resulted in a brilliant result.
    I congratulate him and thank him for making it possible for non Tamils like me benefit from his effort.
    It reinforces my belief that a language becomes great by the thoughts written in it as does the culture of the speakers of that language .

    I was made aware of this great writer accidentally by my father in law while watching a bit of the film parthiban kanavu on tv one day. I made a casual remark that it looks like an adaptation of some novel.
    To my utter surprise he told me of the novel and great writer.
    Then he told me that he directed the movie!!!

    Thank you mr.sri ,I will go on to sivakamiyin sapatham.

    All the best in your future efforts,

  • Thank you S.Kumaraswamy sir - Feedback such as this keep me going and thanks for the compliments.

    After Ponniyin Selvan, Parthiban Kanavu, Sivagamiyin Sabatham, by gods grace now I am experiencing Dr U Ve Sa's "En Sarithiram"

    Please do check out it is on You tube for now until the entire albums gets completed

    Nandri Nandri

    I will also co-ordinate with you offline to discuss if you have other interesting facts heard from your Father in law on the experience of directing the Kalki movie. It must have been a wonderful experience. He also won the silver medal for the best feature film in tamil - Parthiban Kanavu.

    Sri Sri

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