Pandya - A Sad but Yet Powerful Empire
  • Dear Sir

    With ref to your post on the cholas and their empire, the author has remarked that the cholas have ruled for 4 centuries and they had made a reputed empire,builttemples that are like half london and is one of the longest ruling kingdom. My contention here is that Pandyas have ruled the land more earlier than cholas and till date Pandyas are only dynasty to rule the land even parts for more than 1500 years right from early sangam age to 17th century as lately reported as Later Pandyans, whereas the cholas have been routed after themighty second pandyan empire rose to power led by Sri Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan who is a greatest pandyan of all times, sadly wedon'thave a statute for thisvaliantking and wedidn'tbother to celebrate any functions for this glorious dynasty.

    Ref to Pandyas have been reported in Mahabharatha war as having helped Pandavas as theyhavedescended from lunar dynasty. Pandyas have mastered the Maritime Trade by which contacts have been made with Egyptians / Romans / Greeks / Africans / South Eastern Asia / Arabs as many ref to Coins have been found in southern tamil nadu / kerala.

    The Government haverecognizedTanjore region as a glorious region but What abt our southern Tamil nadu we have mighty temples though not much in size as tanjore ones yet powerful ones. Sculptures are great. Pandyas are the early ones to pioneer the Temple architecture as evident from various Cave Temples totally 32 in all 18 in tamil nadu and 14 in kerala. out of these Tirumalapuram / Tirunadikara / Vizhigium are ASI protected.

    Rulers belonging to Pandyan Era have issued Coins till last Ones as evident from many resources. we are planning a trail route from the original route of pandyas the area they started the empire and the area their era ended.

    This is from Tirunelveli region started from Korkai/ Kayal / Alangulam in Ramanathapuram Sea ports / Muzuris in Kerala are the earliest routes used to conduct trade and commerce. The Trails goes to Madurai / Tanjore Region / Kongu areas.

    we are planning a grand revival of the trails, we request you all to kindly help in the mission. Iam not a die hard pandyan fan but yet a person by nativity. we are planning a nice presentation on the glorious dynasty pl share your pics / coins or any ref to them

  • Dear Ram,

    Yes indeed we have very little on the Pandyas but then even far less is
    known of the Cheras. However, there is no clear vote on who is the earliest
    as all three are mentioned as ancient.

    Last but not least, despite all the glory of the Fish bannered ones, sadly
    their infighting led to fall of the glorious Tamil rule in south India !

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • All the best Ram!
  • Dear It is true that pandyas are old kingdom in south and it is very difficult to trace the present pandiyan king. We are having traces of pandiyan  upto 17th century but not afterwards. In respect of Cheras it is possible to locate the present king, but the present chola king is not possible to identify. Highly pathetic situationYoursDr L Kailasam
  • Hi

    the pandyas spent too much time in exile to have real good administrative capabilities

    also when they came to power they weakened all their vassal states and destroyed the buffer they had to an invasion

    worst they fought amongst themselves and very few successions went unchallenged. their 3 civil wars ripped them of their powers( books will talk only about the first civil war. but the last two was what weakend them and let in malik kafur

    and finally their resistance to malik kafur from delhi was lacklusture. and that effectively finished the tamils as a potent ruling force in south india

  • Dear

    After Malik kafur they settled at tenkasi. and constructed a great kasi viswanathar temple and during that time literary, and other reached their maximum height. Can any body tell where are they now?
  • Dear Sir
    As you said Pandyas had done a great job in constructing a great temples, lakes, canals around Tenkasi and Ambasamudram. A stone inscription by the King Parakirama pandya in the Tenkasi temple is very touching
  • *Hi*
    * *
    * The pandiyas are the great emperor who ruled the whole world in ancient
    days. Once upon a time the whole world was under one umbrella called
    Pandiyas.The Ocean researcher ayya Orissa BALU unveiled these truths with
    scientific proofs. We can find so many evidence for this truth about
    pandiyas; not only in india all over the world. Nowadays the unimaginable
    truths about pandiyas are unveiled by present day historical and
    archaeological researchers.*
    * In this modern days the pandiyas can be identified based their
    heredity(மரபு வழி) only; not by family members. But when speak about this
    heredity the caste name is the identity to know about the pandiyas. Based
    on this heredity historical and archaeological researchers proved that the
    people of MARUTHAM land is the descendant of VENDHARS; not only pandiyas.
    They are called as PALLAR/MALLAR . *
    *VENDHAN >> INDIRAN >> DEVENTHIRAN >> God of MARUTHAM land >> The God of
    the God said by Ayya ORISSA BALU and many archaeologist and historical
    researchers. Thats why they pallar called themselves as VENDHAR kulam >>
    THEVENTHIRA kulam >> Because they told that vendan is from marutha nila
    *Ayya Orissa BALU have this proof of this people living in allover the
    world with different name and with different language as their mother
    tongue. Thats why many of the languages in the world have the relation with
    TAMIL language.*
    * This historical research is presented as power point presentation
    on 20-4-2013 in ICSA hall ; 5 PM by Ayya ORISSA BALU.*
    *For more information on our tamil history and kingdoms , All of our
    friends are requested to come and know our history.*
  • Great Mr R Ram!

    I am a new member.

    This is great news. Do keep us posted on your Pandiyan Trail. I will surely be chipping in with everything that I could gather on Pandiyas. The immense value of this dynasty lies in their contribution to the growth of Tamil Language. They are a very significant part of our Tamil heritage. Please do share information on this trail regularly. Would it make sense to include Dr Eric Miller, Folk Lorlist from US, who has worked out a 'Silapadikaram Trail' in Tamil Nadu and presently has his Storytelling Institute at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Dr. Eric Miller has done considerable research on Folk Lore in Tamil Nadu. He might be in a position to make some contribution to this trail.I am attaching the URL of his website - I can arrange for his contact number and email id, if you need. I require your concurrenceto do this. Would you like me to do this, please?

    Best Wishes in your endeavor. Keep it up. We are with you....

    Thank you very much for the information on the Program at ICSA Hall. Could you please confirm if the address is the same as the one provided below.

    The date is 20 April 2013. I am very keen on listen to Orissa Balu, sir.

    ICSA Headquarters
    Post box 771,
    107, Pantheon Road,
    Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Phone: 91-044-42145727,
  • Dear Dr. Kailasam,

    Could we explore the Sivagiri angle. I have been told that they retain some ancient communication to British Raj regarding their genealogical links to the Thenkasi Pandiyas. The original line of the Zamindars ended in the beginning of last century and the remnants are their cousin's descendants. They have later intermarried and are presently genetically mixed and this should be a concern for us for we are less interested in research on their gene pool and more on Pandiya heritage.
  • Dear Venkat,

    I am a new member. It is a very interesting observation on Pandiyas.

    I have heard a story from a scholar and a proilific writer on Tamil Culture and Martial Arts, Mr Pandian. He speaks of initial surrender and subsequent treachery by Malik Kafur in defeating the combined forces of Pandiays and Veera Vallala of Thiruvannamalai.

    The resistance, perhaps, was not lackluster but was a moment when they lacked ruthlessness in war and they exhibited a lack of caution towards a surrendered opponent. My opinion may not be right, you could correct me as I am dependent on my vague memory of a casual discussion with a scholar.
  • I have read that the present Pandalam Royal family also traces their routes to Pandyas. Can any one share some news on that
  • Dear
    My concern is that it is not exactly possible to locate the present pandiyan king. You direction seems to be correct. The sivagiri zamindars may not only have letter correspondences with tenkasi pandiyars but also may be mixed with the pandyas. How to identify the present pandiyan king? If any body is able to do some extra ordinary research in this area which may be useful to all historians
  • Hi
    vir ballala co operated with the invaders in first and second invasion
    and in a moment of remorse tried to take madurai from the sultanate

    the remnats of the pandyas refused to co operate and vallala was captured and skinned alive. his body was stufffed with straw and it hung in the rampartts of madurai fort for 35 years till kempenna of vijaynagar took madurai back

    thiruvarangan ula talks about it. my fothcoming novel MADURAI also deals on this painful episode
  • *Hi,*
    *The Zamins and Mirasu are the thelungu invader during vadukap padaiyeduup
    by Vijayanagara Empire on Tamils kingdoms. The sivakiri zamins are not the
    pandias descendant. They helps Nayakas to invada Tamil pandiyas, thats why
    he got one zamin as prize from tamils enemies. This is happening in
    srilanks as duclas devaanandha got some position in singala govt as tamils
    representative. If you konw about the real face of history of pandiyas u
    wont believe that they never beg a zamin from enemies who defeated their
    tamil lands. Bcs pandiyas are worshiped as Gods like Kumara
    Pandiyan(Murugan), Thadathagai Piraatiyar(Meenakshi), Sundara Pandiya
    (Sivan), Perumal (Meenakshi's brother Azhagar) and The god of the God
    * This the truth that after the invasion of thelungu nayakas,
    tamils never emerge and get back their mother land from nayakas who
    defeated Tamils. Thats why nowadays tamil land is vandalised and the
    descendant of thelungu vijayanagara empire is continuing with the face of
    karunanithy, Vai.Ko, Vijayakanth and kannada Jeyalalitha.*

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