Historial Novel Release - Paranthagan Kanavu by Udhayanan
  • Dear Members

    New Tamil Historical novel released by Seethai Pathippagam, Triplicane.

    Paranthagan Kanavu by Udhayanan.

    Udhayanan contact no:9655035140

    All his 17 historical novels available in stock now. Both Vanathi and Seethai pathippagam.
  • Vanakkam,
    I am short of words to express my gratitude for the interest and yeoman service Sh Sundar is putting in to unite all historical novel readers. His regular updates, reviews and interesting insights along with minute details is of tremendous value to us all. On all our behalf's I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Sh Sundar. Sundar Sir Vazhga, Valarga and thanks for the input on Sh Udayanan.s latest novel. Will buy it in a couple of days.
  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your wishes. One more good news. Seethai Pathippagam announced the gift for all the historical novel lovers. Udhayanan 10 novels worth of Rs.2100 will get for Rs.1500.

    The details are:
    0.1 mayil kottai-rs.400-p:728
    0.2 maha vamsam-rs.400-p:728
    0.3 paranthagan kanavu-rs.400-p:736
    0.4 manavarma-rs.125-p:368
    0.5 velvith thoon-rs.100-p:288
    0.6 pandiya murasu-rs.150-p:408
    0.7 vetri vendhan-rs.200-p:472
    0.8 singalathup puyal-rs.100-p:208
    0.9 pallava murasu-rs.125-p:288
    0.10 chola kulanthagan-rs.100-p:264

    Total Pages-488; Total Rs.2100. You can get it for 1500

    Gowra Agencies, Triplicane- PH:044 28443791/9790706548

    All the above novels are not available 2004-2010. Based on the scanned copy which was available with me, re-publication arranged and now it is available for all. This is my project ambition. I feel happy and more novels to be re-published.

    Another good news. Jegasirpiyan Marampavai ready now for re-publishing by vanathi.

    Once again thanks for your wishes. This will encourage me to do further work on this project.
  • Dear Sundar Sir,
    Thanks for the input. Will buy all the 10 novels. Looking forwards for more such novels.
  • Dear Sundar: This is excellent news and a great service - was looking for these books for years and could find no news about the publisher or author. Pls keep up the good work!

    As you near completion of the collection, pls expand the scope to biographies of the writers - some exist for Kalki, Sandilyan, Akilan, Jegasirpiyan, but what about the rest? It would be good to record anecdotes by living legends such as Vikraman about the writers of yesterday. What are the novels today's writers would recommend as their top 10 choices etc.

    Incidentally, please add these two to your collection if they are not already there - Karunai Vizhigal, translated by Rajeswari Kothandam from the telugu original of P Ganapathi Sastry, pub Aalaya ( 98847 14603); Saanthalai - K.V. Iyer, translation from Kannada, pub Saami Books 49/2 Solayappan St Mylapore.

    On a separate topic - did anyone watch the recent Sivkamiyin Sabatham performance with art direction by Padmavasan?


    Best, Kishore

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