En Sarithiram - Remembering Tamil Thaatha - Dr. U Ve Sa's on his birthday Feb 19 audio
  • Makkale Vanakkam

    Today Feb 19 is Tamil Thaatha Dr U Ve Sa's birthday

    Our friend Pradeep Chakravarthy ( author of Thanjavur - a cultural history) has done a nice coverage in "The Hindu" on Dr. U Ve Sa.


    ".....as i finished "En charitram", the 700+ page
    auto bio of Dr.U V Saminatha Iyer (1855-1930) he went door to door
    searching for ancient manuscripts and if not for his efforts, Tamil
    would not have become a classical language....."

    En Sarithiram Audio Book - http://youtu.be/pqC4NfX9SUw

    Inspired by the coverage and encouragement from him, I am set tocreate an audio book by gods grace, on Dr U ve Sa's " En Sarithiram" - His autobiography

    Here are the first 2 chapters on youtube - http://youtu.be/pqC4NfX9SUw

    மிகவும்எளிய நடையில் அருமையாக அந்த காலத்து வாழ்வியலையும் அவரின் தேடலலையும்சொல்லியிருக்கும் விதம் அழகு

    Please do send me your feedback comments



    Sri Srinivasa
    Tamil Audio Books - http://www.tamilaudiobooks.com
  • Great News from dear Sri Sri - USA !!

    Hearty Congrats.. !!

    Definitely every one of us should remember this day for Dr. U V Sa's monumental contributions !!

    Greetings / best wishes and regards,

  • SPS sir - Mikka nandri

    Thanks for the encouraging words

    Will update as I keep doing them

    Sri Srinivasa
  • Please help me where to purchase en Charithiram?

    Look forward to your reply.
  • This is available free on online in tamilvu.org in library section under history category. This book is a nationalised book hence available freely.
  • You can buy the book from U.Ve.Sa Nool Nilayam which is present near Pamban Swamigal Samadhi Thiruvanmiyur.
    Many books of U.Ve.Sa are now out of print like his book on Gopala Krishna Bharathiyar.
    But you can take a xerox copy from the book they give there.
  • Very nice article
  • I have been meaning to re-read En Charithiram but never got the time. I just spent the last 1.30 hours in listening to the beautiful rendering. Thanks a lot, Sri for the invaluable service. You have a talent for rendering with the right intonations and make it interesting!

    Only small thing - I think the name of the village is "uthama dhaana puram".. I seem to hear it as "uthama nadha puram". (dhaana vs naadha).

    Question to group - Is there a English translation available? This one needs to be made into a documentary or even a movie...

    Looking forward to hearing the subsequent chapters very soon!!!
  • Hello Deepa

    Vanakkam - yes the typo ( Uthamadhaana puram) has been corrected as one of our beloved friend pointed it out as well - Mikka nandri

    Makkale Vanakkam - Thanks for your feedback comments

    Chapters 3 and 4 of En Sarithiram has been uploaded as well

    Here is the new link that you all can share with friends

    Chapters 1 and 2 - http://youtu.be/YCnMxzUpUkc ( corrected one)
    Chapters 3 and 4 - http://youtu.be/CQtJz_ZyxdY


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