about the ponninyan selvan books
  • is there any books after ponniyan selvan
  •  Yes Dear,There are two books follows ponniyin selvan. one is written by our great Anusha venkatesh and the name of the book is Kaveri Mainthan. Another is written by Vikraman and the name being Nandipurathu Nayaki. These two books are sequels. There is one prequel is also available written by  my self i.e. Dr L. Kailasam the name of the book is Malarcholai Mangai, wherein how our hero Vanthiyadevan was brought up and all the romantic and historical incidences happened at the younger age of all the characters in Ponniyin selvan.Malarcholai mangai and Kaveri Mainthan are available at vanathi publications, T. Nagar Chennai and books are also available on line like udumali.com etc.I am willing to provide any further information in this regardYoursDr L Kailasam 
  • Hi

    Also Rajaguru's Cholanin Kadhali- After ponniyin selvan.
  • Dear Mr Sundar Thank you for your information

    Dr k.srinivasan

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  • Dear Dr KailasamThank you for your information.

    Dr k.srinivasan

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  • Dear All,
    After Ponniyin Selvan.. Balakumaran Wrote UDAYAR.. great novel. 6 huge volumes contains Rajaraja chola's effort for making big temple..the novel ends with RRJ'sdeath.Very good novel.Thanks and RegardsAravindhan.K.V.R/O Trident -2"And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"
    Khalil Gibran
  • In udayar- Can not forget some heart touching scenes...

    RRC the Great - could be Clearly felt in that Story...

    Thanking You

  • Vanakkam to everyone,
    I am a new addition to your esteemed family. Just bought Chozha Gangam by Sakthisree and am reading it. For a debutant his efforts are praiseworthy and is making an extremely interesting reading. Also bought Vanji Kottai by Na Kalyani Maniam, and Kadal Kottai by Udayanan.  The advent of more writers in this field of tamil historical fiction is really heart warming. I am sure Tamil Historical fiction will have a bright future henceforth.
    Regards to all,
  • Dear Dr L.Kailasam,I am to state that when I applied online purchase for the book at udumalai .com ,for your books ,I got only kayal and they informed me that malarcholai mangai is out of stock.Where can i get your books on online purchase?

    Dr K.Srinivasan

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