Muthamizh Sangangal
  • Dear all,

    I am also interested to know about the Sangam period. Especially about
    the Madurai (Mudal Sangam), Kapaadapuram ( Irendaam Sangam) and
    present Madurai (Moondraam Sangam), the kings who ruled TN in these
    periods, tamilians culture, lifestyle etc.

    Recently, I read a book called "Kapadapuram" written by
    Na.Parthasarathy. It is really a good book which talks about a period
    of Pandya king "Venther Chezhiyan".

    The book starts the story when this king is around his age of 80s. The
    story goes like a love affair of his grandson with a Paadini (Paanan
    /Paadini - those who move in groups to several places).

    Apart from these, it says about many things. To begin with, this
    Kapaadapuram is placed in the seashore where Porunai Nadhi
    (Tamiraparani) joins its hands with Sea. And it is this
    VentherChezhiyan who constructed the city after the former Madurai
    was swallowed by the Indian Ocean.

    He is called so, b'cos he had many chariots which has pearls embedded
    on them... Yes, in the nights if the chariot comes it will be like the
    moon going on the roads...Seems he had had hundreds of such chariots.
    So far, I have read that Illanjchetchenni- Father of Karikala chola
    had many chariots and he is an expert in riding them. But, there had
    been many ancestors before him.

    Infact "Kapaadam" means "Muthu"(pearl). The larger size pearls (ie,
    more than the size of plates) are called so. There had been a hill
    called "Mahendra Parvatham" which was a mine for Rathinams..Seems lot
    of wealth had been exported from South India. I have heard of only
    Korkai pearls which will more than the size of big gooseberries...but
    pearls more than the size of plates and Kedayams...Just cant imagine!
    Where is that wealth now ?

    Also, the book says that there were many islands in Indian Ocean.
    There used to be cannibals and savages who were used by him for
    building ships and such hard tasks. So, when others of just cannibals
    we have lived in a civilised manner...

    I am so proud to be a descendant of such a Great Community !!

    I want to know more about those ages...
    Pls start throwing light from it.

  • Hi Suganya,
    There is still this Mahendra Parvatham existing and is now called as
    Mahendra Giri. It is about some 55 Kms from Tirunelveli enroute to
    Kanyakumari. There is a huge ISRO complex here called as Liquid
    Propulsion Systems center. The fuel for the Cryogenic Engine rockets was
    made here only.

  • Hi all,

    I just had a look at the name of places which r near to kanyakumari.
    They r quite interesting. For ex. some names r as follows,
    Erukkandurai, Kootankuzhi, kundal, puttantaruvai, Aramboli,
    Azagiyapaandipuram, panaikkudi, Thirukkurungudi, Naanguneri. I love
    these kind of pure tamizh names. If someone knows the story or reason
    for the above names, please can u please explain?
  • Hi suganya

    I have read a book by name 'kalappirar kaalathil
    thamizhagam' by Mylai srinivasan. This book gives lot
    of information on post sangam period.

  • There is an interesting article in the following website abt gangai
    konda cholapuram.It says abt gangai konda cholapuram and the
    neighborhood places . If u ppeople already know this, please neglect
    this....sorry for wasting ur time:-)

  • HI Geethan,
    The Thamizh name of Aramboly is Aaralvaaimozhi.
    A real tongue twister. That's why British people renamed it as Aramboly


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