Saandilyan books on net?
  • Hi all,
    This is Mugil from Bangalore.
    I'm new to this group.
    Thanks a ton for moderator & members.
    I have completed Kalki's novel from
    Selvan, Sivakamiyin Sabatham, Parthiban Kanavu).
    Now I would like to read Saandilyan historical novels.
    Can anyone tell me where I can get these books in
    bangalore? or Is it possible to read those books from

    Thanks in Advance,
  • Hi Mugil,

    As far as I surfed the net, I have not seen any of the Sandilyan's
    works in the net.

    Couple of months b4 there was a Book Festival in Palace
    Grounds,Bangalore. And, many publishers from Chennai and other cities
    of TamilNadu had stalls in it. I bought a few Sandilyan books from there.

    Otherwise I dont know any other shop for getting tamil books here in
    Bangalore. When the next Book festival comes I will let u know.

  • Higginbothams in M.G Road in Bangalore contains a few works of
    Sandilyan. But many a times only the second volumes of those books are
    available. So please let the group know, whenever there is a book fair
    in Bangalore.

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