Ponniyin Selvan Characters and their Family Tree
  • I have come up with a family tree for all (most) of the characters in
    Ponniyin Selvan. Yur feedback is welcome!

  • Awesome. I particularly like the colour scheme. :)
  • Dear Mani,

    Really Good. I was eager to look where you place Vanthiyadevan- because he is not related to anyone of the Chola family during the PS story time. You place him well as a FRIEND to RRC (trule relationship in the world) and of course "kadalan" of Kundavai..


    with regards

    S. Arul Ganesh
  • can you please do it in english . then many others who are reading ps in
    translation will be grateful.

    On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 7:19 AM, Pavithra Srinivasan
  • Nice work.

    Great job.  Will help while narrating the story to kids.Please try to make copies and do a poster for the book fair.

    You will be surprised  with the interest it will create.


    Sri srinivasa
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book
  • Really excellent work.  one picture explain entire psYoursDr L Kailasam
  • Dear Mr Mani :

    You have done a fantastic job. This shows the inexplicable love you have for
    Ponniyin Selvan. This will be really very very useful when it goes for making
    a film ! Marvellous job ! Hats off to you !

  • Dear Mani, This is fabulous!!!
  • wonderful.

    I think every book publisher should include this ( honouring your rights - of course) in their publication for easy understanding of the story line.

    very best wishes,

  • some one please please translate it
  • Yes, I agree SPS's suggestion.
    It is an impressive display Mani Gunasaekaran, well-done.
  • It is such a great gift. Thank you so much. Just what I have been looking for..

    Best wishes for a peaceful 2013 to everyone.
  • Excellent Job. Congrats.

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan

    I am thankful for my life and for all the people in it.
  • Great Mani. Awesome work.
    I love it!
  • Great Job, sir. ட்விட்டர் நண்பர்களுடம் பகிர்ந்தேன். உங்க பிளாக் லிங்க் குடுங்க.
  • Hi Mani,

    What an awesome work..!!! Hats off to you...!!!!!!! :)

    Please Note: New readers of P.S. should not see this Image as this will
    reveal almost all the secrets of P.S... :)
  • Thanks everyone for the encouraging words, truly appreciate it! I am also working on the English version and post soon.

    Happy holidays!
  • A very nice one!

    My son found the part involving the kings Kandarathithan and Arinjayan as
    the one most confusing and so I did a small tree depicting the kings line
    alone for him.....

    .Yours is truly a great job!

  • A truly wonderful effort, worthy of being printed as a large pin-up poster to allow one to relish the wholesomeness of the great epic.
    Thanks a million, Mani.
  • your painstaking effort would be useful to everybody who is fascinated by
    the great work of Kalki. The art is also wonderful and appealing..thank
  • Great work. vandiyattEvan Olaiyil idu irundadA?

  • hi,

    Great attempt. Just a few pointers/suggestions

    Sundara Cholar death is assigned to 973 CE
    Aditya Karikala Assasination 969 CE

    on the color scheme:

    Maybe you can have one for real characters and one for the fictional ones.

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