VALIA SALA : KANDALUR MAHADEVAR @ Trivandram - Ref Cherar Kottai by Gokul
  • Dear SN -

    I placed that request to you for the benefit of all of us here.

    Kandalur Mahadevar - in trivandram figures in Cherar Kottai by Gokul.
    This is supposedly the Kandhalur Chalai and not Vizhignam !!

    rgds/ sps
  • Dear SPS

    Thanks for the reference to Cherar Kottai.

    I think our member Mrs Suvarna Lakshmi postedsome photographs in facebook sometime back on Kanthaloor Mahadeva Temple at Valiyasala.

    Esp one Vimana she posted took me by surprise. Its architecture was more akin to that of Chola.
  • Dear Gokul, SPS,

    Here's the link. please ignore the family photos that are posted along :)

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