REACH is now in the panel of heritage conservationists for Chennai Corporation.
  • REACH now is one of the consultant on heritage buildings of Chennai

    We can now represent to the Government with proper authority on how a
    heritage structure within Chennai can be saved from modernization. Lots
    of home work with responsibilities. Architects, Civil engineers welcome
    to join us...

    members can report any building / temple / mandapa which is on assault
    and we can take up to the right authorities.

  • Chandra, this is a great milestone in the recognition of this organization. I am very glad to know this news. Hearty congrats to all of you who is behind REACH. I wish now, the heritagemonumentsare saved with new energy.
  • Dear Mr. Chandra ,

    Pl visit Chithar Kadu - villlage between Poondamalee and Pattabiram ; old siva and perumal temple is there which needs attention ; more so a dilapidated travelers chatiram with lots of beautiful pillars etc is there as you enter the village ,which seem to be a Vijaynagar era built , this has to be properly secured and renovated , otherwise

    it will get vandalized ,

    m- 97890 07717

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