Rajakesari Novel - Clarification on location of Vallam
  • Hello Gokul Sir, I read ur Rajakesari novel recently. It was superb. In ur novel, u had given the map of Tanjore and its surrounding places. I noticed that Vallam was situated somewhere between Trichy and Tanjore. But according to our Tamizh history, Vallam was one of the places belonging to Thondai Nadu which comprises of today's Chennai, Kanchi, Thiruvallur, Thiruvannamalai etc. Could u kindly clarify this? Thank you.
  • Sir,

    There is a vallam near tanjai and our vandhiyathevans vallam is in north
    arcot district, which you are referring. Both are two different places with
    same name.
  • Dear Sir,

    Vandiyathevan's Vallam is Thiruvalam - Thevara sthalam near Vellore. Venkat Sir has told us that the river there is called ponnai ( ponni) and Kalki originally thought Vandhiyathevan as Ponniyin Selvan
  • Vallam in North Arcot District must be the place of Vanthiya Devan. And there is also the Vaanarbaadi
    [now Vaaniyambaadi] and not Vaaniyar [merchants]. Which is correct ?

  • No. It cannot be, as in the middle of first part itself, Kalki gives the
    narration of why AMV got the name ponniyin selvan...so his intentions were
    clear from the beginning.

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