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  • Dear All,
    Have a look here for better thinking....
  • Thanks Naren for Echoing my sentiments...

    The other think I notice in the Vathapi Vinayagar article was the
    unneccessary use of Vadamozhi(Sanskrit) in it.I shouldnt object
    because I have a Shri in my name....

    But if we criticize people for being addicted to western cultures and
    use of english language...then using Sansrit letters is equally

    But it comes from the tallest order of Tamil hindu Clergy but still a
    error is an error isnt it

  • Dear All,
    Cerainly when everything is relative....what is good for one,may not be good for another, while it may be bad...but there are certain points when everything bcomes one and accepted by all.
    Remove whatever ur caste, or religion or language and think as a human, and read to "LEARN" if interested to dispel the darkness and this mail is for those who are interested to "LEARN", not for those who are trying to defend "English" for you are in a losing side in the years to come...
    "Among the many evils of foreign rule, this blighting imposition of a foreign medium upon the youth of the country will be counted by history as one of the greatest. It has sapped the energy of the nation, it has estranged them for the masses, it has made education unnecessarily expensive. If this process is still persisted in, it bids fair to rob the nation of its soul. The sooner, therefore educated India shakes itself free from the hypnotic spell of the foreign medium, the better it would be for them and the people."
    Sanskrit -root
    If Kambar could accept it, today's so called Tamils cann't WHY, So?
    If seriously interested in learning, learn it here all...
    Don't be a victim to the designs of divide and rule, even if any rootless rabble rousers falls, the sacredness of Indian soil will take care its Dharma...........
    WHO IS RESPONSIBLE, here comes from his own words,
    and don't make further ignorances from the result of 200 year old "English" so called education...for Rooted Indians are better in their wisdom......pple are talking of Ayurvetha treament, Yoga and so are some proofs discussing about "English" usage and foolishly defending, what the "English" have left.So called Brahmins have long time left their works, but as the lessons are clear, they still move on with the force of their anscestors work...but it does not mean that all Brahmins are in that side..and it will never be..."Vaazhka Anthanar Vaanavar Aninam..." so goes the songs....Try to learn why the English man said, "Discovery of Vedas is more important than discovery of America". or Why was "Every dust in India is sacred to me" as Swami Vivekananda...
    Regards to ROOTED INDIANS,

    What can be expected from students who learn to call,"General" for massacre at Jalianwallabagh or to call "Lords" for those who "impose" everything including the way to education medium....Reading the first para of the mail gives the answer...
  • Dear All,

    Interesting topics with lots of inputs...learners delight...shall I
    say.I am stunned by the flow of mails. An average of 15 mails per
    day. I find it difficult to just read and corelate the
    conversations..truely a learners delight.

    Cholas conquering the himalayas..why its not possible??? When
    conquering lands across seas like Lanka, sumatra, java, etc were
    possible, why not Himalayas, is my question. Just think of those
    days, 1000 years back, when no means of communication was there.
    cholas went in 100s of ships to unseen lands and conquered them. If
    that is possible, I think conquering Himalayas is quite easy, because
    its all through the lands and only ganges in between, which is
    nothing compared to the vast oceans they already conquered. Again, as
    already pointed out in this group, tamil culture is very old that we
    have mention of pandian kings in the mahabaratha war. I have some
    more info. All accept that ramayana is much older than Mahabaratha,
    quite a 100 years or even 1000s of years. In Bala Kandam of Ramayana,
    while teaching Rama, Lakshmana, Bhartha and chatrugna, Vishvamitra
    tells them about the greatness of Lord Muruga. Again, in Kishkintha
    kandam, when Anuman first meets Rama, he thinks that Rama is as
    beautiful as Lord Muruga. We all know, Lord Muruga is very much
    related to Tamil and tamil nadu and if Ramayana has mention about
    Lord Muruga, then we can assume that Tamil and Tamil culture can be
    older than Ramayana..isnt it great???

    Coming to the topic of our history being destroyed by western style
    of education...well mathavaramanan, a very good mention of those. I
    feel this awareness is slowly picking up. Indina culture and history
    is not what we read and think what it is. it is not limited to just
    2500 BC starting with the aryans. The crux of the story is...

    The Europeans,especailly the Britishers thought that they were the
    supreme and their growth is the best in the world. But when they
    stumbled upon India and came to know about the richness and the
    greatness of the country, they faced a nosecut. They were not able to
    digest the greatness of India, its vedas, its upanishads, its rich
    knowledge and the great history. They wanted to project that
    everything started from the west and hence formed the Aryan Invasion
    theory. As we all read, aryans were westerners who invaded India and
    came in from the west, through the gulf region. The actual meaning
    of 'Arya' in sanskrit is 'Learned','cultured' man and it never meant
    a race, as its used today. Its also said that these facts were
    insisted by some available evidences like harappa and mohanjodaro
    excavations and some imaginary theories like aryan invasion etc. Its
    a pity that no true Indian has ever written the History of India and
    only the Europeans wrote the History of India, which we read today.
    Even if Some India writes Indian History, its all based on the
    writing of the Europeans.

    Any logical thinking can show that, all these vedas, upanishads,
    puranas, kavyas, all the literary works, the rich culture, tradition,
    rituals, beliefs, practices, way of life, architecture, you
    think all these can be accomplished in such a short span of
    2500 years. And if Harappa and Mohanjodaro are were the first
    civilisation which started around 2500BC, is it possible for such a
    great nation to achive so much excellence with so varied culture and
    tradition within 2000 years or so. We have ample proof that by 500BC -
    1AD or so we have good civilized society, Ashoka the great, Buddha,
    Adi sankara, sangam literature, Mahavira, Chandragupta maurya, etc
    etc all these possible in just 2500 years? We all know
    that Islam came to India some 1000 years back. Even after 1000 years,
    if there is no unity between Hindus and Muslims in India, how come
    its possible for such a vast civilization in India, in different
    regions, with different language, different religion to live in
    Harmony, in just 2500 years after the first civilization. Though
    today we say Hindus, it was only Adi sankar who united all the
    sanathana dharma sects into one. Earlier saivites were fighting with
    vaishnavites, and buddists were fighting with jains, and so and so
    forth. We had atlest four religions then. Taking all this into
    account, its impossible to restrict the first civilization to 2500
    bc.How idiotic?

    THE REASON : As highlighted earlier, the Europeans wanted to prove
    their dominance and distorted Indian History. Britishers were good at
    divide and Rule and hence divided the society based on Religion,
    caste and creed. They wanted to prove their dominance always and so
    restricted the age of vedas to around 2000bc. And we blind Indians
    never questioned it and blindly followed it. Any opposing feelings
    were suppressed. And thus we have the so called History today
    distored, and people divided by caste and creed and hatred all along.
    Even after Independence due to various political benefits this was
    not corrected. Thanks to the communists and the erstwhile congressmen
    who contributed to it..Nehru in his Discovery of India has said that,
    without the Muslim Rulers, Indian art and architecture would not have
    flourished. I think he never visited any part of India to see
    masterpeices like Brahadeeswara temple in Tanjavoor or the Somnath
    Temple or the Puri Jagannath temple or the Sun Temple of Konark and
    so on so forth. So with the full support of such western patriots,
    our culture was further tarnished.

    The communists never wanted anything to flourish and always opposed
    to anything related to the Hindu culture. With anti-brahminical
    sentiments the history was distored. I think casteism is at its worst
    only in the past 100-200 years. And since all the vedas and
    upanishads were considered to be written by Brahmins, these western
    patrons never gave them the due respect.

    The story in Tamil Nadu is no differet. Here again the Dravidian
    movement which is inturn an anti-brahminical movement did the same to
    distort our history and tradition. As Priya rightly said, all the
    tamil literary works were related to Relion and the dravida kazhagams
    never gave them the due respect.

    I strongly feel that such caste distaste is prevailing only for the
    past 200 years or so. As rightly pointed out in, the
    varnasrama never paved way for dishormony in the society for 1000s of
    years, but breaking this system, we are no more united only in the
    past few 100 years..i would say from the day the europeans came into

    A lot about this has been written by the french journalist
    Mr.Francois Gautier and his works can be read at .

    I think such forums where learned people discuss can create a
  • There had so many mail exchanges in the recent past, when I had put
    forth the question, "whether India was really Aryanised"
    I stumbled too many articles, which speak for and against the theory.

    Does any of you, this book "Gods Sages and Kings" will be available? I
    have tried the landmark & Higgginbothams at Bangalore.
    If any of u can give me the landmark and higginbothams contact numbers
    at Chennai, I shall query with them.
  • Dear Sri,

    Nice that messages crossed the 5000th mark and membership nearing 500.

    Thanks for your mails.

    Re Westernisation, I was opting for more inflows on the historical side of
    Kanmdradithan or so. However, re compairing in TV, hardly any originality.
    Priya was a trend setter in early years of telecast. Accent, dress,
    modulations west-imitated, but content "Manmatharaasa... ". I was opining
    only on this.

    Re Rehman's song .. yeah .. it is good to go around South at this part of
    time and enjoy green pastures.

    Re Himalayan conquor etc., I agree these things would have taken place and
    really would have been amazing. Kudavoil wrote an article in Kumbakonam
    Mahamaham special issue titled "Aavi mudal THAAVI varai ". - quoting a
    Thevaram of Thirunavukkarasar - interpreting that the "Thavi" was really "
    Jammu Thaawi" and tried to establish that Thirunavukkarasar really
    visited "Mount Kalailash" (as shown in Thiruvarutchelvar movie - played so
    well by Chevlr.Sivaji) !

    It was also said that from Srivillipurthur to Madurai "Bell Towers" were
    constructed & spaced so that Thirumalai Nayak took food after
    hearing "Uchikaala" bell of offerings to Aandaal.
    That was a codified way of communication. Like wise any such method was
    followed in those days by the Kings to send and receive important messages -
    was my inquisiteness. Kalki writes of "Owling " " Lighting of flame-
    torches " (Like striking matches in Robert Ludlum's novels) being some
    forms of communications.

    Re young New Members, very good mails are flowing regularly which are rich,
    informative and enjoyable. As we used to discuss, they are going to be the
    Torch Bearers of our Rich and Valuable Traditions in the Centuries to come.

    When we are really talking of Globalisation now - as (Sir) Sri pointed out
    rightly - communicating in the English language - aryanisation etc., should
    be looked at from broader perspectives ... As Meenakshi wrote of
    Vandhiyathevan - Kundavai meet in the 23rd Century sometime back - thanks
    to Marathadi - there are possibilities of our becoming mere NUMBERS and
    LANGUAGES becoming Dots / Codes ! May be we are in a cycle already.

    fondly, sps
  • Dear all,

    As Mr Satish and Ms Piriya have been mentioning that
    Tamil literature works greatly related to religion.

    Because of anti-religious Dravidan parties these texts
    have not been getting its prominance especially after
    congress rule in TN,about 35 years ago.

    These party leaders change their names to pure Tamil
    names like Nedunchezhian etc targetting only Hindu
    names but they do not mind in names like Shahul Hameed
    or Stalin or Peter Alphonse.They do not want names
    from north india but they accept names from Arabia or
    western countries. (this is just to point out their
    indifference, no intent to hurt any members of other

    Even so called pure Tamil party's leader name and
    their party symbol "Udaya sooryan' are sanskrit
    names.Forget about their TV's name etc.Are their sons
    and grand children are studying in Tamil medium while
    they advocate every thing to be in Tamil?

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