Cherar Kottai
  • Dear Friends

    Happy to inform you that Cherar Kottai novel has been completed and is scheduled to be released this July 21st at Kumbakonam. I will post the invitation for the book release function very soon. Kindly grace the occasion with your presence. Our dear SPS will be receiving the first copy.

    Books can be ordered through and will be made available in their showrooms at Chennai and other places.

    It is the complete version of the story that was originally serialized in

    Over 5 years in making, it took me 1150 pages and 2 lakh words to tell the story of a triumph etched in the pages of history as "Kanthaloor Salai Kalamarutharuli". The book is in two volumes.

    I have posted the book covers in my facebook account. Kindly comment on the same

    I wish to thank all PS members and my worldwide readers for being patient enough for such a long time.. hopefully you feel the wait is worth it after reading the novel.

    I look forward to your wishes and your presence during the book release function.
  • Dear Gokul,

    That's fantastic news! May Cherar Kottai break records, and I know it's a
    great work. Kudos! :)
  • Dear Gokul

    Great news. We have been waiting for this announcement

    The serial in was so thrilling I could not digest when it was discontinued

    Thanks for completing the novel. Eagerly waiting to get the book
  • Great Sir..

    Eager to buy a hard copy on my next visit to chennai.

    With heartful of warm thoughts
    Malarvizhi Baskaran

    Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.
  • Wonderful news Gokul. Am sure it will be a sell out and spread awareness
    amongst for our history amongst new readers as well
  • Congratulations Gokul, Wish you good luck - I will certainly collect the novel when I visit Chennai.

  • > The serial in was so thrilling I could not digest when > it was discontinued

    Sorry sir. It was not intended. After Airavati, my hand pain had become so unbearable that I had to take a hard decision. I really thank all the well wishers who prayed for my speedy recovery and salute their patience.

    Completing the story was a challenge by itself. The final sequences leading to the climax alone extended over 100 pages. It was an emotional experience. I hope to share some of my experiences during the release function.
  • > Congratulations Gokul, Wish you good luck - I will certainly collect the novel when I visit Chennai.
    > Swarna

    I have a special reason to thank you Swarna. Yours was the only detailed comment that went all over the web. While many readers did enjoy the story no one wrote such a detailed review as you did. And since it was google groups it went all over the web.

    I often read your comments whenever my spirits went low.

    Hence, my very special thanks to you.
  • Thank you VJ. You have been one of my big supporters throughout. You inspire me every single day with creative posts and shares. My sincere thanks for everything.

    Cherar Kottai - apart from delving deep into some of our most favorite topics like Adiya's murder - provides a rare glimpse into the world of South Indian Martial arts based on the surviving traditions in Kerala.

    > Wonderful news Gokul. Am sure it will be a sell out and
    > spread awareness
    > amongst for our history amongst new readers as well

    Thanks to your shares, lot of positive buzz has already been generated. Hope the work will create more VJs!
  • It gives me immense pleasure to read this Gokul!! I am sure you are going to rock again!! Please continue writing - Kalki wrote a hundred books before PS arrived, as you know - it just gets better.

    Wish you good luck always!!
  • all the best gokul
  • Dear Gokul,

    Congratulations. Wishing you the very best.
    Wonderful eagerly awaited news.. took the hard decision not to read the novel on especially after reading rajakesari in print.
    Somehow, i love reading a physical book rather than an electronic one on my laptop. Need to see if i like an e-book reader.
  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your book release and all the best. As a historical novel lover I am waiting for your novel with high expectation and feel that like rajini sir filim release now.

    Like his word "eppa varuven eppadi varuven appadinnu enakku theriyathu ana vara vendiya samayathula varuven" It is like that and you are releasing the novel in right time.

    Once again "ALL THE BEST"
  • Dear Sundar

    Thank you!

    > I am waiting for your novel with high expectation and
    > feel that like rajini sir film release now.

    Over build uppa irukke? Don't make me nervous:-)

    I'm just a budding author attempting to do my level best with the help and support of people like you in PS Group and the guidance of experienced people like SPS. That's all.
  • Dear Friends

    While I have acknowledged many people in the preface of Cherar Kottai, I wish to record my deepest respects and regard for one person who influenced the novel most.

    It was SPS who originally instigated me into the idea of Chera influence in Aditya's murder - several years ago. We have discussed the topic at great lengths many a times. While most of his theories were postulates at that time, later on, I found that many epigraphical evidences corroborated his theories. Over a period I have collected so many references that right now I can almost write a complete book on Aditya's murder - purely based on epigraphical information.

    The relevance and nexus between the murder and Kanthaloor Sala invasion haunted me day and night. After reading quite a few books I went back to SPS and he once again gave me new insights on what might have possibly happened.

    His thoughts and the insights influenced the novel most.

    I wish to thank him and feel greatly honored that he will be receiving the first copy of the book.


  • All the Best for this and more to go......
  • Mikka Nandri. NDTV Vaidhyanathan avargale.

    Will pick one extra copy for you and courier.

    warm rgds/ sps

  • Thanks for your nice words Gokul - on that front , what is your opinion
    about regional historic fiction in English, i mean current trend seems to
    be to come out with retellings of the Epics - but what do you feel about
    the need to target the english speaking / reading next gen and getting them
    to read regional history via ficition.
  • Thanks sir
  • Good question VJ.

    I think there is very big scope for what you are talking about.

    But I am a writer and I think I am on the other side of the fence.

    There are many members in this group who can share better light on this topic than myself.

    So I look forward to their opinions

  • Dear vijay sir,

    First of all, Sorry for barging in like this in your conversation with Gokul sir.

    Historical ficton in english- it is definetely a good thing. I cannot speak about the market and scope but as a reader I would love it.

    Much of Today's youth can't/don't read classic tamil and it is only going to be worse in future. We cannot wait for them to learn tamil and then read the historical fictions. The current readers for history fiction are mostly middleaged and above.

    If we want our children to read anything about history other than in textbook is through fiction and sadly in english.

    (I have planned to do my current novel in english too.)
    I dream oneday some kid reads an english fiction on our history and get interested enough to learn tamil. A perfect day dream but worth working towards...:-)

    Please do write..
  • Dear Iniya

    Group conversations are meant for all of us to join and discuss. So no formalities pl!

    I fully agree with what you have written. Before the next gen can be inspired to learn the language we need to excite them about our land and its past. Amarar Kalki's Ponniyinselvan is doing it day and night - in Tamil AND ENGLISH.

    Even our own group's mails are in English but our discussions are deep rooted in this soil.

    I guess our Venkat (Anusha venkatesh) will be the first one to publish a regional historic fiction in English. Waiting for his release of "Madurai".
  • Dear Sir

    Congrats for your book release and I was planned to come to the function. Due to the official visit to Srilanka, I am unable to attend this function. All the best and expect more release function in future.

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