Ponniyin Selvan Novel - Contradictions
  • The group was started as a fan club of Ponniyin Selvan and rest is history.
    Time and again, people complain that we are digressing too far into history
    rather than discussing PS and hence lots of people go silent.

    So thought will start a thread again. Started reading PS again last week (i
    think its only my 4th time, where people around here would have read it
    atleast 40times...and not sure when i will complete...offlate due to hectic
    work, lots of books I took up are still unfinished :( )

    We have discussed a lot about the contradictions Kalki has induced all
    through the 5 parts...we also hve discussed about the age of all

    I was surprised to see this in part I - Pudhu vellam - Athiyayam - 16
    Arul Mozhi Varmar....the goof up starts as early as 16th chapter...

    Kalki says, Sundara ascended the throne 12 years before the current story
    happens...AVM is 19 years now..

    but later when describing about the love between Sundara and Mandakini, the
    story goes like...he ws young and stranded in the island where he falls for
    Mandakini...and once he is bought back to ascend the throne..he marries and
    begets children....then AVM should be 11 years old :)

    Shall we start a thread on such contradictions?
    After long time we are having real discussion. Thanks Satheessssh
    For any historical novel writer character age consistency is a must. However Kalki wrote the entire novel in the magazine and there are possibilities of age inconsistency of certain characters.
    The time period of the incidence should also consistent with the historical events. I hope Kalki never gone wrong on historical events. 
    Members may share theri opinion
  • Please continue the thread and also about who the baby was - when Sundra Cholar died?( Tirukkovilur inscriptions)
  • Very good thread Satish!
  • Hi sathish
    kalki mentions mugalayar in one chapter. mughals came into history 400 years aft this story

    the goof up with murugaiyan brother of pungkuzhali introduced as dumb and he talks later
    as far as this crowning was concerned i was once told that it was for crown prince

  • Mugalayar may be a mix up in words as this term is more in vogue; but
    arabs and persians were trading with the cholas, as kalki himself
    referes to them later. I will not consider this as a mistake.
    And murugaiyan is dumb only in the presence of his wife, as some are

  • > Mugalayar may be a mix up in words as this term is more in vogue; but
    > arabs and persians were trading with the cholas,

    I think he actually meant arabs though the mughals had nothing to do with them. they were of more mongol stock

    And murugaiyan is dumb only in the presence of his wife, as some are
    > now!

    no way . thiyaga vidangar explains that this is a hereditery defect
    vani and mandakini too were dumb

  • Hi!

    In the second part of PS where Sundara Chola explains the flash back story to Kundhavai, he says the ceremony that took place (25 years before) when he returned was Kandaraadhithya's rajyabhishegam and his (Sundhara Chola's) "Yuva Rajya Pattaabhishekam".... So may be after 13 years reign of Kandaraadhithya, Sundhara Chola ascended the throne.....?????
  • Venkat,
    Since to reconcile both statements of Kalki, we may conclude that 50%
    was heredity, and wife responsible for the rest!
  • Hi sampath,

    small errors do crop up in a long drawn novel
    in one place when a group of priests meet sembian madevi about thirupani for thiru malapaadi, she asks innocently, 'which malapaadi?"

    the hitch was she was malavarayan magal the princess of malapaadi
  • It is said that Divyaprabandham is not just for praying but for அனுபவிக்கணும்". Simillary our members are not just reading PS அனுபவிக்கறாங்க.
  • Vijay,

    For that matter Ravidasan and co is supposed to from chera nadu, but shown
    as Pandiyan abathuthavigal...

    Leaving historical errors apart....there are lots of factual
    errors....which on the large scale of things can be accepted. With such a
    mamoth mission, such errors are pordonable.

    In fact, his SS and PK are much more refined and not just within the novel,
    but even across these two novels, there is a beautiful, logical connect.
    But within PS, itself there are lots of loopholes but still its Kalki's
    Magnum Opus. ...

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