PS MEET :: IN JULY 2012 ?
  • Dear Venkat, Vijay and other friends,

    with lots of books coming out from our Group members, is it not the right time to convene a Group meeting and honour those who written and published Books ?

    May need a month to organise such Meet.

    all the members - request advise.



  • Dear Friends

    We can organise a awareness display of

    1. All books by our members
    2. Blogs of our members
    3. Research and collection of our members like Balu sir, Raman Sankaran sir.

    The news both pre and post eventcan be well circulated to bring in more people. (I saycirculatio of news and not publicity)

    It will help to draw like minded people.
  • One request, we need to plan and finish the event by 4 PM on a weekend. It
    would be comfortable for people coming from other cities, I can plan to
    take early morning Shatabdi and reach by 11 and then come back by evening 5
    PM same train.
  • Dear,
    Since I got official commitment at shimala upto July 21, I shall be thankful to you all if the meetting is after 21st July.
  • Dear SPS

    We have a much bigger reason to cherish and celebrate: We will soon be completing 10 years as a group! We have produced so many professionals and neo-professionals who are leaving indelible mark in their chosen fields.

    So - if everyone agrees - we can host the July meeting to commemorate 10 years of PS Group apart from honoring various writers.
  • At Thanjavur?
    May be experts can take us around the Magnus opus of RRC.
    It is just a suggestion.
  • Its nearly a year since we met. Its long overdue. And 10 years is a time to
    celebrate. Lets plan for July.
  • that is a fine idea will not only give a shot in the arms of our
    admirable members but also to consolidate our group achievements,, future
    writers may ask for a discount to members from the publishers..this will
    benefit all...
  • Dear Sir
    Also atleast some 4-5�presentation by new members who have not made any presentation in the forum sofar. I find lot of new members are working in new areas, which we have not touched earlier.
    Would be helpful if they speak on their works now.
  • Dear,
    I shall be thankful if you kindly intimate the proposed 10th Annual Meeting of PS forum to me, so as to make prepare for the meeting
  • Dear Dr. Kailasam Sir,

    It was originally planned on the 21st July.. and Gokul book release was on 28th July. Unexpectedly Gokul book release got preponed to 21st July - at Kumbakonam - where Venkat - Swetha - myself - Gokul are likely to meet.

    We will talk and find out whether 29th July evening will be fine and intimate Group.

    rgds / sps

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