Pancha Paandavar Hill @ Tirusoolam
  • Alongside Tirusoolam there is one Pancha Paandavar Hill [Pancha Paandavar Malai] with some big white
    stains on the rock which is believed to be caused by Dhrowpathi while cooking rice when the Pandavas
    were sojourninghere during Agnyaatha Vaasam. Strangely there is also a mosque or so in a cave in this hill.

  • Its a Pallava cave excavated by Mahendra pallava. ASI has published
    inscriptions from there with his title Guanbara. Is used a Dragah now with
    much of cave face plastered up
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

    On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 8:12 PM, vancheeswaran gopal
  • *No. 13. (A. R. No. 369 of 1908).*
    *Pallavaram, Saidapet Taluk, Chingleput District.*

    On the beams in the rock-cut cave now used as a ‘Darga’.

    This inscription is engraved in Pallava-Grantha characters in a single line
    on the beams of the upper and lower verandahs of the rock-cut cave (plates
    II and IV.) It gives a long list of birudas, some of them obscure in their
    import, of the Pallava king Mahendravikrama (I) with whose name the
    inscription commences. These titles are in Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu and
    indicate the character, erudition and personal tastes of the king. Some of
    these birudas are also found in the upper cave at Trichinopoly (No. 8

    *The rock-cut temple is described in the Memoir of the Archaeological
    Survey of India, No. 17, page 16.

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • The big Pallavaram Hill used to have wireless transmission centres of Tamilnadu Police and Southern
    Railways and the area is prohibited. We lived in Pallavaram [also called Pallavapuram] for nearly
    20 years. I have the feeling that this area must have had hectic activity during the Pallava times and
    there may be so many things in this area to be unearthed. However, as our knowledge in this field
    was limited we could not do so and nobody took interest. At least now I think the area has drawn
    the attention of some people.

    The tophill has an old mosque said to keep the hairs and robe of Mohamed Nabhi. Every year during
    one Muslim festival called "Santhana Koodu", this robe and the hairs will be made available for
    public exhibition. I do not know whether this continues now. During our college days we have
    roamed almost all parts of these hills unknowing of what is hidden there, just for the sake of fun
    in climbing the hills, including visiting the prohibited wireless centres where we had friends too.

    We used to have one Youth Association and conduct Literary Meet every month, inviting eminent
    writers like Sivasankari, Chandilyan, Rajam Krishnan, Vikraman, Maniyan [Ithayam Pesugirathu Weekly].
    Anuradha Ramanan, Dr M S Udhayamoorthyand film personalities like Gemini Ganesan,
    M S Viswanathan.and scores of others. Guru Nanak College Principal Shri Somasundaram was our
    mentor and ex-officio President of the Association and was the Founder Secretary ! We used to
    conduct Music Competitions also, inviting people andgive awards too. All the expenses will be
    sponsored by the local residents of the area to ourorganisation named "Join Hands International" !
    Now it is more than twenty five years since I visitedthis area due to change in life, career and age !
    You won't believe, on behalf of our Association, we were planning to set up a park on the hill to
    attract tourists !

    Recently there was strong rumour that the area has abundant rare mineral deposits like patinum
    or so andthe local registrar office also refused to register any sale of land in Pallavaram area.
    I am not sure how far this is true. Well, Pallavaram, has come to the limelight and we welcome it.

    Downhill there is a place called Zamin Pallavaram, where our residence was located. There is a
    mosque said to be very sacred for the muslims and there is a mosque too. Many orthodox muslims
    would love to have their residence in this area as there is something special for them. There lives
    one Mr Nagore Yousuff, who was my father's disciple in Carnatic Music. You won't believe, for
    every year on Vinayaka Chathurthi and Saraswathi Pooja, Mr Yousuff will have a carnatic music
    programme in our Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Bharathi Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai.

    I am sorry for this big mail as the mention of Tirusoolam has triggered me to take a walk down
    memory lane !

  • Can u explain the shape of the stains? possibly this could be a rock painting.. any stone beds found there? also Thiruppanmalai ( Arcot, is a jain site where one dargah seen in the hillock.
    regards,K. Saravanakumar,Kalpakkam
  • Dear Vijay..

    thought you might add a little more data too..

    that Gunabara .. was the name adopted by Pallava Mahendra when he was following Jainism...

    and that he addressed Lord Siva as Gunabara ..
    in Lalithangusapallavagraham, Trichy..

    rgds / sps

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