Solar and Lunar magnetic stones atop Thittai temple near Tanjore?
  • I had been to Thittai kovil recently where I was informed that solar and
    lunar magnetic stones were fixed by sculptors during its construction
    atop the Dome above presiding deity. The stones transform oxygen into
    water and drop it once in every24 minutes gap on the presiding deity.
  • This is too much !
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • The mesage is right but the expalnation need to be slightly modified.

    There used be a separate "Chandrakanta" stone above the lingam and it absorbs atmospheric water and used to drop a water drop on the lingam.

    During the renovation as usual - they reconstructed the whole temple throwing away inscriptions and images.

    This chandrakanta stone got entrapped on the roof and even now a water drop falls on the lingam every 24 Mts (1 Naazhigai)
  • Fascinating Would you know the composition of Chandrakanta stone? Or it's origin? Is Chandrakanta stone readily ? It would make an energy free dehumidifier for humid Chennai Raj Mutharasan
  • That would be awesome !! what an idea!
  • I wonder if we'd be allowed to examine...

    I won't rule out a possibility I haven't seen, but I'm definitely
    suspicious of anything that's claimed to be a lunar, solar or planetary

    But Sankar's explanation sounds like there *may* be something behind this
    (assuming that somebody doesn't ritually fill up a reservoir somewhere or
    something), but we'd have to see it to judge...

  • I suspect the explanation for dripping water would most likely be a leaky
    roof. Magnetic stones? What are those, and why all that trouble? It's far
    easier to have water drip through a crack in the ceiling.

  • When we had boy scouts we were taught to harness water via condensation with a plastic sheet ! It could be a similar concept
  • Vj... One significant difference, however. That is, the plastic sheet is hydrophobic (rejects water) thus what condenses drips. On the other hand rocks are oxides and love and hold water. Further rocks are porous and capillary action will cause holding of the condensed water. One should also remember that a water film form on the rock it wont condense water vapor further, as it is not energetically favorable So science tells us it is highly improbable. But, then again we may not be thinking of all possibilities. Raj Mutharasan
  • Dear Sir,

    Please tell where this Thittai kovil is situated.

    S. Arul Ganesh
  • I dont know what exactly it is? but a drop drops every 24 mts.

    They call it chandra kanta stone

    There are some references of this stone in litrature
  • four kms from tanjore..
  • It is a gemstone which can be easily scratched which is used in our astrology.
    Like Varanasi andother Shiva temples maybethis was placed on the rooftop
    in this temple too to get perennial waterdrops on the lingam as LordShiva is
    said to be an "Abhishekapriyar" !


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