Congrats.. to know that your article re South Indian Sculptures and bronzes figured in the Singapore National Museum Magazine.

    Pls do share with us more details..

    I also take the liberty requesting you to detail / serialise :

    1. How did the idea of looking into specific bronzes / sculptures brew into you - isolating other aspects of Historical importance in
    temples ?

    2. In your blog you have been mentioning your interest in Temple Architecture and Iconography.

    Pls help us knowing more on this.

    3. Seen : Courtesy : Poetry in stone Team.

    what is this Team about ? will you be kind enough to share more details on your Team members ?

    4. Blogs / Special works accomplished by the Team members - apart from their contributions to Poetry in Stone blog.
  • congrats Vj
  • dear Sps

    Thanks for the nice words. you do remember our short visit to the Asian
    Civilisations Museum when you were here - its always a pleasure to be drawn
    into the charms of a chola bronze. The ACM has a friends of Museum group,
    which trains volunteers to act as Docents - take groups on tours on a
    volunteer basis and they had asked me to give a talk to the their core team
    - about bronzes. So we had an exciting 2 hour program for the Docents of
    the Singapore museum. As a fall out of the talk, they had asked me to write
    a short article for their magazine aimed at early readers and this was the

    regards your question on interest in sculpture - credit to our great Kalki
    - interest in history was kindled, initially got into inscriptions but
    being away from India to filed work and not being ' formally' trained in
    this was a obstacle. Sculpture ofcourse was less taxing to get initiated
    and was blessed to be introduced to some doyens ( thanks again to your
    generous references) - realised how little i know of them and took on a
    task of reading all available material on them. It was then that i realised
    how little of their works are available online and even in libraries. It
    dawned that the knowledge of these greats might get confined to reference
    section of libraries and hence wanted to build a resource online to assist
    early readers like me to gain some insights. I was already writing about
    sculptures as a novice in another forum thanks to the prodding by our dear
    Dhivakar sir....and finally in the good hands of our Thiru - the site was
    born. and to date he maintains it for me ! best
    is i had never met him till about 2 years after the site went online and
    that too in our PSVP meet - before that it was all over emails. ! The
    poetryinstone team is small - Thiru ( tech side), Dhivakar sir - who
    provides valubale advise on verse referecnes etc and to date every single
    tamil post is proof read by him or parvatha or satheesh!), Satheesh,
    Arvind, Ashok, Shash, Shriram, kathie.
  • Congratulations VJ

    Sps sir vanakkam

    I will get in touch with Mr.Ravi. this week. Can i have his number also please. Also very proud to say after releasing PS and Parthiban Kanavu audio books now by gods grace i am almost there with Sivagamiyin Sabatham audio.


    Sri Sri

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