Partcipation of members
  • Dear Satish
    but its a pity that
    out of 470 members only two are three are discussion.

    Well I have tried calling members to participate some of them are a bit intimidated by the mails which they get in response...

    our group again has lost its tamil culture(any civilised culture..let me be politically correct)in welcoming new members

    In the past as moderators we just approved people.But I started a system in asking the new member a mission statement as to who they were and why they wanted to join our group and they responded enthusiastically.

    I started to introduce them and Guess what not one member took notice of the change in practice and not one said Hello Welcome.....

    If you go back to the old archives from 2002 you will find each member introducing himself and most members welcoming them.

    It was like welcoming into a big Family But somewhere down the line We have Lost it

    It would be nice to have it back again
  • Hi Doctor,
    I fully agree with u.
    When I stumbled upon this group, I was really thrilled that I can
    share my experiences also, in this forum.
    Sindhu Bairavi'yil ippadi oru dialog varum. Suhasini Says to Siva Kumar,
    "NaamaLa paadarathu oru sukam, naamaLa kEkkarathu oru sukam. Aannal,
    naamaLa athai pathi pEsarathu oru sugam." Intha group'ai paartha pOthu
    enakku antha santhosham aerpattathu.

    As such I had a mental bblock, whether people in this group, would
    accept my views, and thought them to be Jaambavaans of Thamizh
    literature. Of course quite are all real Jaambavaans ;-)))
    But to my surprise, I was welcomed by and bonhomie, which encouraged me
    to post messages.

    But as such, I had been a silent observer of the group mail exchanges.
    When the topic gets way above my standard, I just sit back and enjoy.
    In fact to reply to the mails on Dr.Sridhar, Priya, SPS etc, u need to
    have a high degree of prowess. May be a lot more people begin
    to think the same and they just sit back and read all the mails, instead
    of posting replies.

    Frederick Fresyth ivvaLavu periya novel writer'nu enakku theriyaathu. I
    took an oath not to read him after reading his "The Negotiator". Pakka
    Masala. Nammoor Vijaya Kanth padam ellam thOthu pOyidum ;-)) May be I
    had started with a wrong novel of him.
  • Dear Mr Sridhar,

    I have the habit of reading ur mails whenever I find time. But I don't get time to have active participation.Eventhough I like to know our culture and history other participants talk in depth which I don't familiar to it.

    As I am from engineering field I might have forgotten lot of things what I read in my school days. When I was in school days I did read lot of tamil novels(historical, detectives and social) But nowadays I am not finding much time to read anything.

    Any way I find reading ur mails.


    R Muthuraj

    R&D Centre


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