RADHA - Krishna
  • Glad to inform our friends that Indian Science Monitor - TKV Rajan & myself - published a book on Radha - the Scret of all secrets - and relased last week. Book is available with TKV Rajan.

    for more details mail : [email protected]

    The author Dr. S Kannan (Blog: http://vedvikas.blogspot.com ) a Chartered Accountant and holding Doctorate in Management states :

    1. Radha is divine personification of Prakruthi Tatava while Krishna represents the Purusha tatva. According to Naaradha Purusha Pancha ratnam, Radha was Sita and was also known as Sri, Gopi, Rama .. alike.

    Divine Name Radha finds place in Rigveda & Adharvana.

    Puranas like Padhma purana, Aadhi purana, Naaradha purana, Matsya Purana, Brahma Vaivarta purana and Sri Devi Bagavata purna do mention of Radha ..

    Nappinnai is none other than Radha...

    and Vaishnavite samprathayam has been mentioning this in several literature/s.

  • how to get a copy of this book sir?? is it available with book stores?

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