• Dear friends :

    Recently I met one of my friends on an official visit to Katpadi. During the discussion I mentioned
    about theactivities of PS group re: ponniyin selvan and tracing the background of Vanthiya Thevan's
    nativeplace etc. To my surprise he told me that the birthplace of VT is somewhere in Aathur near
    Pachchamalai, Salem ! In fact he mentioned that his ancestors are from Vanthiya Thevan's clan !
    He also mentioned about Kunthavai, without my asking, that VT married her and Kunthavai never
    visited the native place of VT and VT was very much a "veettodu maappillai" though he visited his
    native place from time to time. As this gentleman has no interest in history he told that some "persusus"
    in their place might throw light. He also strongly denied that Vanthiya Thevan never belonged to
    Vallam of Tanjore ! He also mentioned that there is a temple [I have seen this temple while travelling]
    belonging to Rajajaja Chola period, on the way from Vellore to Katpadi and there are a good number
    of old idols inside the temple even today! The temple is called "Oadakkaara Pillaiyar Koil", Katpadi,
    and there is a bus stop too.

    The above names have not come up for discussion so far in the group I believe. I could not visit the
    temple due to paucity of time and it may give some clues.

  • Hi
    thiruvallam is near ranipet. its a devaram shrine. lots of chola monuments including pallipadais in the north arct. i think a lot more battles of the cholas were fought on the northern frontier

    vanthiyathevan comes to light in just one or two edicts of the cholas.

    mathathellam kalki's writing has fired up the imagination of a nation

  • I am also from vellore and I know the temple at Katpadi but never knew it belonged to Chola period

    A. Vaidyanathan
  • Its not a "Oadakkaara Pillaiyar Koil", Katpadi,

    its a odapilliyar koil, its between silkmill to chittur bus stand bus stop.

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