• Very simple ! Hanuman is the Aid of Sri Rama ! Who is Rama ? He is the incarnation of
    Lord Mahavishnu. in Treta Yugam. So naturally he would like to be with Sri Krishna [ratha sarathy!]
    in Dwapara Yugam !

  • Barbarika was sacrificed before start of the war !

    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

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  • I think it was Aravan, son of Arjuna who was sacrificed.
  • More details please on this !!

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  • Aravan was given as karabali.

    Barbarika cut off his own head


    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Exceprts from Vyasar virundhu by Rajaji


    Bhagavan Vyasa says that Bhima felt completely refreshed and became much stronger than before by the embrace of Hanuman.

    Hanuman said: "O hero, go to your abode. Think of me whenever you are in need. I felt the same delight when I embraced you that I had in times of yore when I was fortunate enough to touch the divine body of Sri Rama. Ask any boon that you like."

    Bhima said: "Blessed are the Pandavas for I have had the good fortune to see you. Inspired with your strength we are sure to conquer our enemies."

    Hanuman gave this parting blessing to his brother:

    "While you roar like a lion in the battlefield, my voice shall join yours and strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. I shall be present on the flag of the chariot of your brother Arjuna. You will be victorious."

    Sivasankar Babu
  • Thanks for the link. I went ahead and did a search and got this from


    So, there are many versions and many side stories but not allnecessarily
    from the original Mahabaratha!

    The wikipedia info also does not say anywhere that Barbarika heard the
    Gita. However, he seems to be one of 4 to have been graced with the
    visvaroopa darshan - the other 3 being Yasodha, Arjuna and Hanuman.
  • Thanks Babu..didn't know that Mahabaharata was available online for reading...Had a translated book with me but its in India....thanks for sharing

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  • Dear AllI read somewhere it may be in the BR chopra's mahabharat but the jist is when Dharma utters the falsehood of confirming the death of Ashwathama his chariot drops to the ground...it always hovers above the ground due to his virtuouity.....at the same instance Hanuman leaf Arjuna's banner ....Any substance in this???

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  • Sanjay Khan's Jai Hanuman showed Hanumanji presence in the flag taking a lot of sting out of the arrows showered on Arjuna.
    Also he heard the Bhagwat Geeta from flag of Arjuna !!!!
    Complete Mahabharata Translation is available on
    That is translation verse by verse by Mohan Ganguli.
    But Hanuman never leaves Arjuna's flag till the end.

    Mahabharata is very complex book. It is a encyclopedia of Human Psychology.
    And at the same time it was a poem recited by sutas before an audience.
    So some dramatic scenes are interwoven inside the poem.
    Some scenes are mode more dramatic by dragging on the pathos or the tragedy of the scene.
    As a Carnatic singer elongates his alapana with kalpana swaras, the more the kalpana the more the beauty of the raga comes out, so with the poem.
    Action of Dharmaraja uttering a lie for Drona's killing and his chariot coming down is one more scene in this !!!
    But as the kalpana swaras cannot go out of scope of the raga, the scene cannot be more dramatised to alter the history.
    It has to be inside within the framework of Itihasa- that is as what happened.
    Various books have been penned on this subject by scholars.
    Dhirendranath Pal, a krishna devotee utterly rubbishes this argument of Krishna asking Dharmaraja to utter a lie as to belong completely imagination of the Sutas or Epic reciters and nothing to with history.
    He brushes aside the covering of the Sun by Krishna to help Arjuna Kill Jayadratha by making him come out.
    Arjuna cuts of Jayadratha's head and kills it float on the air and moves all along and makes it fall on Jayadratha's father's hand and as the head falls on the ground from his hand , father's head also comes down !!!
    This he says is a scene to heighten the intensity of the fight totally created by Sutas as they recite infront of the audience !!!
    But if we accept that then what should be we say to
    "Pattapaka vatta thirikayilIravaka !!!!!"
  • Very useful link with lot of things to read ! Thank you sir !


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