• Dear Members

    I am posting tamil Historical novel previews. If any concern is there for any of the members Please inform me.

    This is not a Marketing activity. Please ref our previous discussions on going and getting the historical novels even in the bookfair. Searching is the big pain area.

    Even if we got the novel, we don't know whether the novel is our expectation.

    Hence this preview posting started.

    Dear SPS/Venkat/Dr.Kailasam/Vishwak/Gokul .. Only Published book preview only posted. If any concern is there, I can stop this posting.
  • Dear Sundar

    i think you would be serving the reading public more effectively if you offer us the list of novels in print all together, in one blog or site

    with cover picture, subject area( era or dynasty) author detail( cross referenced with his other novels) price, publisher address.
    I guess some 70 to 100 tamil historical novels only must be in print. so wont take much space.
    other than ponniyinselvan.in you should also think of a seperate website or blog to showcase your collection of novels not in print

  • I second Venkat. Not that I am against your emails, as long as the
    intention is good.

    As we discussed some time back on having our own publications etc., Let's
    keep the momentum going by having a show case site for all historical
    novels, details about them, if they are available in print, we can provide
    a link/place to buy, if the author wants to sell it as ebook, we can do
    that as well.

    We can start with few and keep adding with members help if required. We can
    send a notification email as and when you have some preview like that.

    If you need any help, please let me know.
  • Yes sir
    The USP and slogan should be " one stop shop for tamil history novels & information"

    Sivasankar Babu
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  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your views and suggession. I have already started that work and 50% completed with cover page etc with preview. Pending is either go for a new website or use the another forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ponniyinselvanvaralaatruperavai
    which is not 100% use.

    Dear Members

    Please share your views / concerns.
  • Hi sundar
    you could go for a blog or a website for max coverage.
    call it with a catchy name like TAMIL HISTORICAL NOVELS

  • Dear Sundar

    This is a laudable effort. Other members have already suggested the best. Your effort should now be on getting the serialized novel versions so that the art work is preserved. We all will contribute but you be the champion of this cause.

    Varma's art work for the original sivakamiyin sabadham is legendary but I have not seen it.

    The artwork of Maniyam selvan in Sivakamiyin Sabadham (Kalki Magazine rerun) and Kanthaloor Vasanthakumara kadhai (Kumudam) are all excellent collector items.

    Wish to see it in one place some day!
  • Hearty Congrats !!

    warm rgds / sps

  • Another attempt on ss translation ( got some of varma's art) http://sivakamiyinsabadham.litintrans.com/
  • I think I have the original SS
    let me check
  • check the above links

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