• I've gotten a copy of Kanchi Tharagai as well. Aarambame asathala irukku.
    :) My only regret is that I couldn't get the author's autograph :)

    Here's to many more such wonderful novels.
  • venkat specialises in openings...cannot wait for Madurai in English and the
    ripples it will create
  • Dear Venkat sir

    I am the first customer got your Kanjitharagai and Manimagudam. I am also the same view like Pavithra.

    Now a days Kanjitharagai author is very busy I hope so.

    Any way congrats and expect the next novel "Vandhiyathevan Kanavu"
  • >
    > Any way congrats and expect the next novel "Vandhiyathevan Kanavu"
    Hi sundar
    kailasam sir ezhutharaaraa? on my part i am taking a holiday from tamil writing. wish to concentrate on my unfinished manuscripts in english
  • > :) My only regret is that I couldn't get the author's autograph :)
    > Here's to many more such wonderful novels.
    > Cheers, Pavithra.
    thanks pavithra. oru vithathula it was you who started this writing business in PS group. lots of writers here have to thank you for showing the way
  • Hurrah that means Goa will be completed???!!!!

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson
    To: [email protected]
  • Dear Venkatesh,
    I am always follower of you in writing. I am just adopting the writing path of you.
    On seeing Kaveri Mainthan, a sequel to PS, I wrote Malarcholai Mangai. which is prequel to Ponniyin Selvan.  
    On glancing Kanchi Tharagai, sequel to Sivakaiyin Sabatam, I wrote Manimakudam, which is prequel to Kannadasanin Cheraman Kadali.
    In home we can see that if one child did something other child follow it. In our ponniyin selvan home the same thing is happening. Only difference is you are writing sequel, I am writing prequel.
    Now your wrting path seems to arrive at the point of  inflextion, I have no way except to adopt the path you are going.
    Therefore my next novel will also be in English, by giving holiday to tamil as like you.
    Already sundar suggested the name Kurushetram. Sankara Narayana will give energy and power to get Vijay (Vetri).
  • Yes Sri
    but third in the list to be completed. but anyway by the year end.
  • Hi Dr kailasam
    thats very kind of you

    i was already writing in english before i commenced in Tamil
    i have a lot of unfinished work to complete

    please proceed with tamil novels, because ungallukku set aayiduchu.

    all the best
  • sir
    with great respects to both writers, i request that tamil history and
    events are better depicted and enjoyed while reading in tamil
    if u plan to do in english have a suitable translation too but that is only
    less sweet
  • dear nandakumar
  • Dear N Kumar,
    I am making major historical analysis on pandiyan history in order to write a novel in English, wherein all our cultural heritage, habits and practises would be effectively brought out.
    Though it is a maiden attempt, I try to achieve the International Standard and at the same time our heritage will be properly focused and the same will be brought to the knowledge of the entire world.
    All Ponniyin Selvarkal inlcuding your kind help and support in this regard are highly required.
  • Dear sir

    I have reserved the title "VANDHIYATHEVAN KANAVU". Already I have given the title for Dr. Kailasam in which he has completed a novel in the name of "PADHMAVIYUGAM". Some fine tune part is there. Hence I have selected the title "GURUSHETHRAM".

    If both of you taking the holiday for tamil novel, we will be suffer sir.

    Already Vishvak sir taking long holiday and Dhivakar sir concentrated in some other area.

    Pl consider the historical novel lovers sir.
  • I have a doubt: isn't there already a novel by the name Padmaviyugam? I
    seem to recollect a serialized story in a magazine ...
  • Dear Sundar brother,

    My long holidays are over. Going to finish Sengathirmalai by this week and already started Arayan Rajarajan.. I promise you to give 4 books in this 2012 which includes a reference book.and my short stories in Kalki collection.

    I have written the kurunovel inthe name Padmavyugam which won the prize from Vikatan. and was published by SRS in 2009, without knowing Dr.Kailasam is going to write in the same title. Kindly ask him to consider for some other title to avoid confusion.

    You are most welcome to write a historical novel. Please do it.
  • dear Sundar

    You must give it a try - am sure you will come up with a best seller, Btw,
    we must try and get your collection features in the Hindu sometime
    something akin to this http://www.thehindu.com/arts/books/article2805427.ece
  • Dear Madam

    The title is already used by Vishvak sir. Hence I have changed the title Gurushethram.

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