Ponniyin Selvan Book from Vikatan
  • Today i got my copy of ps published by AV with original maniams drawings.
    Really a collectors edition. Good quality book. Long cherished wish ps
    lovers have been full filled.
  • Almost every publisher has one PS. AV, Kizhakku, New Century...

    In One stall, a sales person siad that from all the counters - so far around 5000 copies would have been sold.
  • Can anyone tell me what is the price of PS by AV at the book exhibition?
  • Hi,

    It's Rs 1350, with a discount of 10%.
  • Thank you!. I'm visiting AV office today to get my copy that I registered on the web.. My relatives needed me to get few more copies.. So I was just wondering where it is cheaper!
  • Sir,

    can u plz let me know the exact name of the series. bcos its difficult to
    trace it without the correct name.
  • Re. PS published by AV

    It is just one volume (not a series) containing all the 5
    parts/approximately300 chapters.

    Get the details direct from:

    Phone : 044 42634283 & 84 Mobile : 95000 68144

    Email : [email protected]
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • I grabbed PS directly from AV office at Anna Salai yesterday as I reserved it on the net. They give a nice bag to carry the book, if boughtthere. It is definitely the best print of PS available today ( excepting that the paper quality could have been better ) and a master piece! Contains digitally re-masterered original paintings of Maniyam chapter after chapter and interview with Kalki Rajendran & Maniyam Selvan along with theirregular sleve notes.

    After glancing through the book, the Kural "Thonrir pugalodu thonruga" came to my mind. Kalki & Maniyam are real Tamil sanror we talk and cherish today even after 60 years of their original work.

    AV has immortalized Kali & Maniyam with this never before and never afteredition.

    My suggestion for our group members: Please donate your existing PS copies to needy people and get this one instead. That way, we can spread PS still further.

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