• Today Ananda Vikatan has released an ad. informing that Ponniyin Selvan is

    being made available in January 2012 as follows -

    - 2216 pages, 5 volumes, with ORIGINAL SKETCHES OF ARTIST MANIAM !
    - Cost of the set if booked before 31 12 2011 with an advance reservation

    amount of Rs.500 will be Rs.999/- Otherwise the cost will be Rs.1,350/- per set

    - DD or Money Order to be sent to

    Vikatan Media Services
    757, Anna Salai,
    Chennai 600002

    Phone  : 044 42634283 & 84  Mobile : 95000 68144

    Email  : [email protected]

    Those who want the book can make use of the above information.
    I have booked one set for me !

  • Dear
     You  may get one more Ponniyin Selvan  from vanathi publications too. The cost is about Rs 540/ after discount. About seventy picutures featured in the books. Having too is no harm dear.
  • Dear Sir
    I have taken DD for Rs.500/-, to buy it from Vikatan; But Rs.540/- from Vanathi seems to be a better price; Anyone know why this much of price difference? any major difference in Size of book or paper quality, etc...
  • Gi
    I can suggest you to get vanathi ponniyin selvan,
    You see the name of the publisher itself vanathi, which is one of the important character of ponniyin selvan.
    The quality and printing of vanathi books and the prize they are giving is highly appriciated by all.
    In this new edition the pictures plays vital role and vanathi take the services of best Oviyarkal mithun and veda. They drew wonderful sixty picutures, which are excellent.
    My option is for vanathi. However you can decide by yourself. 
    It is not wrong even if you have two one from vanathi and other from vikatan
  • Dear N.Jayakumar,
    You can buy Ponniyin Selvan (all 5 parts with 60-70 color pictures)
    published by Vanathi from our online tamil book store.
    You pay 575 only which includes Free Home Delivery
    Take a look at it here http://www.chennaishopping.com/book/887/
    - balachandar muruganantham
  • Ananda Vikatan publication will be definitely reliable ! As per their ad., the highlight of their

    publicationof Ponniyin Selvan is that the novel will consist of original 5 volumes plus the

    original sketches of Maniam as originally published in the 50's I believe ! I am sure they

    won't disappoint buyers likeVaanathi has done as pointed out by one of our friends. We had
    in our home library all the 5 volumes bound with the compilation of PS from the original issues of

    Kalki weekly and uptildate none of the borrowed volumes are returned to us ! Borrowers name

    also could not be recollectednow !

    Even in the case of Vaanathi too the said copy could be a stray one with printing/binding errors
    mixedup by oversight with other volumes as Vaanathi too is a conscious publisher ! Well, I think
    Vaanathi might also exchange the copy with a new one !

  • Dear all,

    Definitely I know that all the illustrations are being published as it came in the very first time in Kalki magazine by artist maniam in 1950's.

    It will also have an antique feel that is unique to the book.

    Though it is not bad to have both, definitely vikatan's publication will have the original version.
  • Will this 999 offer valid in the book fair or only till Dec end? I thought
    the book is getting released in the book fair. so wont the introductory
    offer be valid in book fair?
  • Dear Friends,
      This book offer valid up to Jan 312012. (as per Vikatan web site) Book rate isRs.999/- only. But along with shipping charge it isRs.1350/-. Those who are booked forRs.999/-. they have to collect the book from near by a shop. This shop name will beannouncedby Vikatan shortly according to the area.
  • Dear All,

    I called them today and the info I collected is:

    1) Every chapter has paintings
    2) Paper - same as they use in other books. So it is not art quality paper. Just news print quality paper.
    3) We can send Rs. 500/- or Rs. 999/- now. Book will be released in 1 week of January. Chennai residents can go to their office and pick up their copy after the book is released.

    I'm still looking for a collector's edition - printed in art quality paper and in all colors. However, I will buy this one too.

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Dear
    You please get vanathi ponniyin selvan too.
  • Dear Kailasam sir,

    It is needless to say that the credits to the success of these stories should also be attributed to the artists that made the pictures and made life to the characters.

    Who would have read pictureless stories even those days?

    Now the advancement of Vikatan group in bringing about PS with the original artwork is a real challenge for Vanathi Pathipagam. Sofar Vanathi has done a really great service to Tamil literature. I truely respect, admireand salute them for their marvelous contribution to Tamil. No other publisher has endured so long, so much. They shouldnever lose the race.

    I guess now they have to face the reality and go one step forward.

    Vanathi can print Sandilyan( & other authors' ) books with the original Latha or Sagar's painting. I still have my dad's bound book of Sandilyan's Mannanmagal from Kumudam weekly. When I first read that book and as the story unfolded, the characters came to real life - thanks to Sagar's sketches that gave picture and form to the characters in that novel.

    If you know them well and take me there, I can show them the book and impress upon them to re-print Sandilyan's books with original paintings.

    They should also look at printing a Collector's Edition or a Limited Edition of PS - again with original paintings in very high quality paper and binding - like the original Britannica Encyclopedia. They can book orders and print just 1000 copies at a premium price. That's it.
  • Sure! Thinking of giving away of my existing copies of PS and getting the new edition from them. I will get boh the editions.
  • Thank you Ji,
    I will pass your excellent ideas to vanathi
  • Dear AllIts great Vikatan and Vanathi are bringing PS with pictures, I am sure the members can decide which to chose....Personally I prefer the Vinu version....have both....I think that is a colletor's item....which has the 50s jokes and arverts the paper is getting a bit tatty....
    LK sir thanks for highlighting the Vanathi version and the price but too much might sound like sales propaganda.... Princess Nice to highlght the missing pages...and LK's offer to rectify the matter... VK sirCollectors item great suggestion...the paper cost is the limiting factor....the publisher's may refrain as a few years ago another publishing house did start a colour edition and only published the first two volumes as there wasn't the readership...KRSri

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  • They have not informed that !
  • Most of the banks provide option to send Demand Draft through online, which
    is convenient, some banks don't charge commission as well. I just reserved
    one by sending through online banking and got the confirmation that they
    received it.

    Those who are hesitant or lazy can avail this option.
  • dear,
    you can get vanathi ponniyin selvan too
  • Dear sir,

    just a small favour. can u please inform us about the name of the shop wen it comes in Vikatan? I don't think I get Vikatan in my house. Thank you.

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