Tamil Historical novel purchased
  • Dear Group Members

    Today I have purchased the following tamil historical novels.

    0.1 Velpadi Velvizhi - Prof. R. Sothivanan - P:690
    0.2 Kannikkottai Ilavaarasi - Vikraman - P:120
    0.3 Ilavarasi Kundhavai - Rangarajan.V- P:120 - 1961 yr
    0.4 Avanukke sondham aval Idhayam - Vikraman - 1979
  • I salute your enthusiasm sir, you are continuous, thorough and consistent
    in your passion, though I don't understand Tamil but I am sure that it will
    be beneficial to all Tamil speaking group.
    -Saurabh Saxena
  • It's great to see your enthusiasm, in patronizing historical works and
    writers! Wonderful.
  • whats the score sundar.??
    you give that usually.
    frankly most of us knew that there were so many historical novels in tamil after your efforts
  • I wish someone would do similar on Sculpture, Iconography and Temple
  • wonderful.
    hearty congrats sir.
    rgds / sps

  • Dear Sir

    The total count is 725 novels. But collected so for is 623. Hope that by the help of Sakthi Sri and others, I can reach the target count of 725 shortly in this month.

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