Hello friends
  • Hello Friends,
    My name is Vijay Kumar. I am currentlly att Bangalore.
    I read the novel Ponniyin Selvan recently and was really obsessed with the novel.
    It was really fascinating to learn that there is an interest group, which has devoted site like this. From the moment I read the novel, I had a long longing desire to visit those places in & around Thanjavur, where the story revolves. If you people plan to organize any such tours in the future, Iam really interested in joining u guys.
  • Thanks a lot. Great site.

    A. Vaidyanathan
  • Dear Members

    It is a criminal activity. Many of the authors in this group novels also in this URL.

    It is a total copy right violation. I found vamsathara also in this URL.

    More over anusha's two novels too. Please take the action.

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