Kalki's Charecterisation was Humane
  • Dear All..

    I agree with Pavithra It was not a flaw in Kundavai's Charector but Nandhini Building up to Periya Pazhuvettarayar to infuriate him against KD

    But the same KD is not so kind to Poongizhali and Manimegalai....largely because she sees them as a threat to her ambitions of wider chola empire and demeaning her brother karikalans pugal respectively

    There are two ways I would read this

    1a.Kundavai knew where she stood..and what her responsibilities were more so after hearing her fathers story of battle between love and duty and his lifelong agony for sacrificing his love.....she didnt want arumozhi to suffer the same and she knew his responsibilties were more than that meets the eye.So she knew a king cant fall for a odakara penn.....

    1b.She couldnt and wouldnt let a mad woman slander her brothers fame by claiming that she killed him...that can only be derogaratory to great warrior.

    The other way to look at it is

    Kalki wanted his charectors to be simple human beings with great achievements rather than super heros...

    Kundavai was upset that his brother wasnt going according to his plan which is marry vanathi and get kodumbaloorar on their side and poonguzhali was in her way and she had a subconscious hatred for her...hence she gives her secondclass treatment....he clearly potrays this at the end of third bagam when

    KD just ignores poonguzhali after just thankning her and focuses on Arumozhi and vanathi and poonguzhali lamaents to sendan and in her anger hits the bull etc etc...

    One can then ask then why did she fall for VD.three reasons 1.Though he was homeless he was of a royal stock

    2 she was a woman and wouldnt become queen

    3 she chose well to stay in thanjai

    The funadamental superiority of Kalkis charectors are they are all so human...

    *thats why Karikalan accepts I am scared if I see her again I may muder my parents arrest my sister and marry nandhini ....

    *Thats why Arulmozhi thinks about going to diustant lands in a boat with Poonguzhali...

    *Thats why He goes back and forth in him becoming King..well he tries to accept the throne to release VD

    *Thats why Kundavai asks kudanthai jothidar about the king and his sons when Vanathi has fainted

    *thats why Parthibendran and Kandamaran get charmed by Nandhini not to mention PP

    *thats why the hero VD gets caught and arrested and tricked so mant times...?(unlike sandilyans heros who can fool and defeat an entire army just like that...I love sandilyan yet)

    you can see the same in SS as well all the petti ego clashes between Sivagami and narasimhar.....they are all humanly potrayed I didnt understand those when I read them in my teens but after growing up appreciate the greatness of kalki in potraying human emotions as true to life as possible
  • why did not KD wanted arulmozhi to marry only vanathi and not
    poonguzlali?BUt yet why did she want to marry vandiya thevan,an
    empireless king?

    Simple.KD and Vandiathevan were devars,same caste.Vanathi and
    Arulmozhi were devars,same caste.Even though kings married across
    castes, even they married chalukyas it was for for politics.But
    still varna dharma prevailed in those days.
  • I am also curious about the caste of Cholas.

    Does the "Devar", used by cholas means they are Devar's by caste.

    There is also a discussion that they are 'Pallar" ( Devendra Kula Velalar ??) or "Udayar".

    Udayar, is also used as a sign of prestige and respect. is it not?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Hi All,

    Kodumbalur velir belonged to a different caste and
    i don't think vandiya devan was of the same caste of
    cholas. Not very sure.

    As far as KD is concerned, right from the beginning
    she is concerned only about the 'menmai' of chola
    nadu. Those who can contribute a lot for this were
    given good treatment/importance by her. Those who can
    be a hindrance were looked down by her.

    She likes Arulmozhi very much cause he has the same
    ambitions like her. They think alike. She was not that
    keen on Aditha karikalan once she comes to know of his
    weakness for nandhini. She says in one place "
    Manathai kattupadutha theriyadhavarkal sadhanaikal
    padaika mudiyaadhu". She has full hope/confidence in
    Arulmozhi that he can take chola nadu to grater

    One important thing to be noted is Kundavai believes
    in Astrolgy. She wants Arulmozhi to marry vanathi for
    two reasons

    * She has brought up vanathi and vanathi after
    marrying AV cannot go against her in any situation and
    thus the brother-sister bondage will continue for

    * After she hears the prediction of vanathi's son by
    kudanthai jothidar the reason for the marriage becomes
    apparent. After her brother, vanathi's son is the
    person who can create history. She gets strong valid
    bases for her plans and then she goes ahead in
    implementing those. So she keeps poonguzhali at a

    Both vanathi and Av have high regard for her and if
    they become king/queen, must importance will be given
    to her thoughts and all her dreams can be fulfilled
    thru them.

    She married VD cause she doesn't have to move out of
    chola naadu. She tells vanathi in the beginning
    chapters before she meets VD. She maintained that till
    the end.

    KD is depicted as a strong willed lady. Her prime
    concern is 'cholanattu menmai' others are secondary.
    KD would have married any commoner for that matter if
    not for her love towards VD.
  • No yaar, its full of political game, Arulmozhi got married Vanthi because he will get political support, Kundavai married Vaidiyathevan as the reason is she and as well vaidiyathevan not in the race .

    The support from Vanathi's family is the reason, its justa political arrangement and more there is no such kudanthai jothidar in real

  • Actually before joining this group, I was of the opinion that all the
    characters in PS were actually real and live characters. Including
    Senthan Amudhan, Kudanthai Josiyar, Aazhvaarkadiyaan, Poonkuzhali etc
    I once went to Kumbakonam and I was passing thru a street called
    "Kamatchi Josiyar theru". I asked my friend, whether this was the name
    of the josiyar who lived in Rajaraja Chozhan's era. Since Kundhavai
    consulted this josiyar He asked his sister, who had settled down there
    and all of them had no clue. Such was Kalki's portrayal of all

    So in reality all these marriages might have been an arrangement of
    convenience and to gain political mileage. But the greatness of Kalki
    lies in how he had made us to believe this fiction as real truth.
  • Another reason for Kundhavai to marry Vandhiyadevan is to live in the Chola
    land itself.

    Please do not bring reality into the PS related discussions and characters.
    Let them be separate from each other. Most of the fantasy things will get
    evaporated and we will not be able to fully enjoy the essence and twists of
  • Dear priya
    I dont think Ill agree with your statements

    varna dharma(should we really be calling it dharma in this time and
    agae???) may have prevailed at that point in time but thats not the

    were rajaraja and vanathi of the same sect or were kundavai and VD
    the same sect l dont know

    We are talking about Kalkis charecterisation,,,,in a novel...

    pazhuvettarayar was a king(in your books..kshathriya/devar)he married
    nandini whose rishi moolam nadhimoolam he didnt know

    Sendan amudan wedded poonguzhali a odakarapenn and made her his queen

    So Kalki wasnt preaching social segregation he was quiet broadminded
    in his charecterisation and writinngs

    Please dont demaen a great author like kalki with these staements
  • >> Please do not bring reality into the PS related
    > discussions and characters.
    > Let them be separate from each other. Most of the
    > fantasy things will get
    > evaporated and we will not be able to fully enjoy
    > the essence and twists of
    > PS.

    I fully agree with the above, though one is still not
    sure about the caste of all the characters in PS.

    Kalki in his novel has not spoken about caste except
    in one or two places. (e.g. about the Chief Minister
    Anirudha Bharamarayar, VD-a meat eater-still nothing
    about caste)

    Let us not give the characters any "Varnam".
  • Hi

    I referred some book and write this. Cholas belong to Devar caste ad Kodumbalur velar is the nadar caste.
  • can I request the members not to drag castisms and politics into the
    group please

    We all cherish the our heritage and culture lets keep it that way
  • i have a doubt for a long time... are there any
    descendents (need not be direct line) of cholas,
    pandiyas or cheras? who used to live in the chola
    palaces before the government nationalized them? there
    are still people in maharashtra who are descendents of
    shivaji, and in rajasthan of some rajput kings.

  • Hi Ram Subbi,

    Which book did you refer? Interesting , though.
  • Hi venkat
    I referred sanga kala suvadukal in a library.


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