• Dear All

    Kindly visit this URL. After reading it again the Great novel, I went to my old memories. Really I got the feeling of reading the thodar published in Kalki.

    Enjoy it.
  • Dear Sir,
    How are you? Interesting information. We have come out with
    one Audio CD of Kalki‘s evergreen novel SIVAGAMIYIN SABATHAM. This is a 30
    hours Audio Book containing 4 volumes of MP3. Popular TV Stage and Radio Artistes
    have given life to the immortal characters of Kalki and the narration is done
    by me. Over 35 Artistes have participated in this Marathon work and each word
    of Kalki has been rendered with style and feel and all special effects have
    been provided to give the impact to situations. When you listen you will be
    easily taken back to 6th century. Kindly listen to this great Novel
    at your leisure and while travelling in the car. Please introduce Kalki to your
    children through this Audio book which is bound to entertain and educate them.
    Each Audio book of 4 Volumes costs only Rs 300/ Kindly call me immediately and I
    will deliver free of cost in Chennai. This will be an excellent gift item for
    any great occasion and for festivals. I will do the gift wrapping free of cost.
    If you are not in Chennai and would like to gift it to someone in Chennai we
    will do the needful on your behalf. Your encouragement and support will go a
    long way in creating other works of Kalki in this same format
    Kindly call me on 0984115 3973 for copy. You can also contact
    me on my e mail [email protected]
    If possible kindly
    forward this message to all your contacts.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Bombay Kannan
  • Great job. we are all eager to see more such efforts.
  • Hi,
    Is this CD collection available in that folks outside of India can avail this.
    regardsSuresh S
    To: [email protected]
  • Der Sir

    Thanks for joining our group. In fact your audio cd purchased by me and posted in this group also one year back.

    After that CD we have expected more and waiting for the same.
  • Dear Kannan
    Will you kindly arrange to deliver the CDs to me .
    My address
    F Beta-14 , Ragamalika Apartments , Phase 3,
    Chennai 600100
    Ph: 044 22771866
    Mob: 9940513624
  • Dear Sir,

    I already bought the CD and heard the all the episode. In one word i want to express it is "WONDERFUL". Really happy to go back to 6th Century and all who are participated have nicely done their roles.Each and every voice modulation is superb.

    One request from my end . I also hope all the Ponniyinselvan yahoogroup members also accept that. Yes We want the great Ponniyin Selvan also in the form of Audio. 

    Could you please do the needful.

    With Namaskarams and Regards,
    G.S.Ravi Narayanan.
  • Hi,
    Am not sure if I understood correctly..but the Audio format of Ponniyin Selvam is already existing.
    check out or go into iTunes and search for Ponniyin Selvam by Sri..
    RegardsSuresh S

    To: [email protected]
    CC: [email protected]
  • Hi

    Sri is one person narrating. If I understand correctly the discussion here is for different actors giving voices
  • humble opinion is that since already one audio version of Ponniyin Selvam is in existence, we can effectively spent the resources on converting other great tamil epics by Kalki or any other renowned authors..
    this way people like me who are not well versed with tamil can enjoy it..
    RegardsSuresh S

    To: [email protected]; [email protected]
  • I am already in the process of making this epic novel into audio book with various actors doing different roles in the novel;

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