muruga and jesus
  • dr sridhar,

    It was very pleasant experience in reading your muruga narration.I
    enjoyed it a lot.And regarding jesus,todays xianity isnt the one
    preached by jesus.Jesus died at age 120 in kashmir after meeting
    salivagana in kashmir.That details are given in bavishya purana.

    You can read jesus's experience in india and his last days in .its a xian website and based on islam too.Do you
    know that quran says that jesus wasnt crucified and he was saved?
  • hi,
    Is bible wrong
  • Hi all,
    i Read a Novel "DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown.
    I think some of u will be aware of that.
    If not, itz all about a great christian conspiracy.
    if i say that part,the novel wont be that gud wen u
    if interested, check it out.
    Really, the evidences given in that book looks like

    Satheesh Saba.
  • Hi satheesh,
    Actually I was about to write about this book.
    But u have gone ahead.
    Please read the segments once again when the church unleashed the
    violence against the Knights templar.
    Actually the Author puts forth a statement in the book that the
    historical data are all facts.
    So we have have got to believe those theory.

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