A poem on PS - Vasantha kaalam and the romance
  • Hello all,

    This is a poem about the beginning portion of Episode 89 of fifth
    part "Vasantham Vanthathu" - where, after the pattaabishegam,
    Vanthiyathevan returns from his recent expedition to meet Kunthavai. It was
    always my desire that Kalki would end his master-piece right here, when
    romance is riding high and we are all settled into expecting such a cute
    scene between V and K. (However Kalki thought it fit to end with two
    subsequent episodes on Manimegalai's death and V' remorse.)

    Here I present my unfulfilled desire in the form of a poem. My descriptions
    of vasantha kaalam are straight from PS.

    Vasantha kaalam and the romance

    Vasantha kaalam arrives with much ado,
    Riding on the chariots of cool breeze.
    Parrots compare thier golden beaks
    with blooming mango flowers and freeze.

    Leaves of the banyan tree wither away,
    Singing the tunes of beauty as they fall.
    Punnai tree sheds some of its leaves,
    Sparrows sing, and they are having a ball.

    Malligai plants and Mullai plants bloom,
    Only these flowers - here, there and everywhere.
    The rivers flow in silent motion,
    Near the shores, the water is crystal-clear.

    Chola citizens are pleased and happy,
    And why not, their granaries are full.
    It's time for the vasantha festival,
    Not a moment thereon would be dull.

    Vanthiyathevan arrives in Pazaiyaarai city,
    This time, he's not hiding his face behind masks.
    Kunthavai welcomes him, her face full of smile,
    She's eager to know the results of his tasks.

    The lovers meet in the uththiyaana vanam,
    They will go on to have the time of their life.
    It is only a matter of time, you know,
    Before she becomes his rightfully wedded wife.
  • Meenaks,
    Peter'laiyum vittu vLasareenga..

    Kudhavaiyum V.thevanum pEsikkara maathiri oru romantic story (siru
    kathai) oNNu ezhuthaakoodaathaa?
    Nandhi purathu naayagi'la intha romantic dialogs oNNu kooda illai. Athai
    padikkavaE romba kaduppa irunthathu

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