Picturising PS :: RR / VT / Kundavai / Nandhini / Vanathi
  • Dear Sridhar,

    Why not short list the present day Tamil artists for the above 5 characters
    alone ? to begin with :



    fondly, sps
  • > Dear SPS,
    > enna sir vikram uttutingale?
    > >
    > SURYA :karikalan / vanthiyathevan(aka pithamagan)
    > VIJAY :Vandiyathevan
    > AJIT :parthibendran
    > MADHAVAN :Arulmozhi
    > KAMAL :azhvarkadiyaan???sudrarasozhar
    > RAJINI :sundaracholar
    > VIJAYAKANTH:kondumbazhur velar
    > SNEHA :Vanathi
    > MEENA :Poonguzhali
    > SIMRAN :Kundavai
    > RAMYA KRISHNAN :Nandini/Mandakini
    > DEVAYANI :Manimekalai
    > fondly,

  • TR is also missing :-)
    If TR is given role in PS, what role u like to give for him?

    > SURYA
    > VIJAY
    > AJIT
    > MADHAVAN :: VT
    > KAMAL
    > RAJINI
  • Periya pazhuvetar :)

    why dont we include simbu/dhanush in the list?
  • AAaaah no no no! I had envisioned an old Sivaji as Periya
    Pazhuvettarayar (of course assuming we extend the choices to people
    who are dead). the way I read PP's characterization is that of a brave
    man, a patriotic man at heart.. caught in the whirl of history rushing
    by, but who ultimately has the best interests of the Cholas at heart.
    I think Sivaji would have been able to bring out these subtle facets
    of PP's personality very nicely. What do you chaps think?
  • I strongly recommend simbhu or dhanush for Vaitthiyar magan role:-) or
    madhuraanthagan(the first one:-)).
  • I think Sushmitha sen is the best choice for Nandini role. She suits very well for that beauty and cunning. What do u guys think?? And Aishwarya Rai for Kundavai role, not the present aish (she is looking old nowadays), old aish is best suit. old means iruvar/jeans.
  • I thought a slightly younger Ramya Krishnan would have suited
    Nandhini's role to a T.
  • I too feel Ramya Krishnan wud hv suited the role
    Her face is just like Kalki described: round like full
    moon etc
    and she looks very cunning
    otherwise, I wud say Meera Jasmine
  • Hi,

    Aish is good looking. But she lacks that
    'Gambeeram'. Any person enacting role of Kundavai must
    possess that 'majestic look'(Raja kalai) of a queen.
    Being mere beautiful won't do. Ramya krishnan will
    suit nandhini's character well.

    But according to me, PS is to be read and enjoyed by
    the readers with their own imagination of the
    characters. Maniyam's work thaan thinking ku varanum.
    Movie, MegaSerial ellam karpanaiyai azhithuvidum.

    Andha characters apdiye karpanaiyil vazha vendum. vera
    actors lam vesham pottal enna dhaan nalla characteroda
    onri act pannalum some traces of his/her individuality
    andha characterla vandhudum which will spoil the
    potrayal by kalki.
  • Hai

    I have thought the suitable persons for PS roles for the past two years and finally come to a solution. Here is my choice. Plz comment on it.

    Vanthiya thevan - Ajithkumar
    Athitya karikalan - Vikram
    Arunmozhi varman - Surya
    Kunthavai - Aishwarya rai / Meena
    Nandhini - one and only Ramya krishnan
    Sundhara chozhar - Kamal Hasan
    Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar - Vijaya kumar
    Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar - Nasar
    Periya pirattiyar - Revathi
    Kantha maran - Prashanth
    Senthan Amuthan - MAdhavan
    Poonguzhali -JOTHIKA
    Singala Nachiyar - Suganya
    Parthiba pallavan - Abbas

    IS it OK!!??

  • How about Azhvarkkadiyan Nambi? A more rotund Manivannan maybe?

    Also, Mathuranthakan? a much thinner Karan perhaps?:P
  • Hi
    For Nandhini/Mandhagini, why not Jayalalitha of
    yesteryears. You can see the shade of the characters
    in 'Adimai Penn" where she did the dual role of a
    simple commoner and a hearty queen.
  • I would actually think Visu would suit ANambi or Vivek or may Kamalhaasan

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