Aug 24 Special interview - Stanford Radio - Raman Sankaran - Numismatics
  • Makkale - vanakkam

    I am very proud to host our Raman Sankaran on tamizh radio from Stanford this Wed Aug 24 8.00 pm India time
    you can listen live via internet links at our website

    - all about coins collecting and the history behind (it's a live program where you can get to participate as well)

    The radio show starts with devotional songs, ninaivil nindravai, special archives follwed by the interview

    Pls tune in  - Past program archives  (Heritage series) - interview with Chandra, Vairam, Vijay, Maniam Selvan, are available at



    Sri Sri
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book (75 hours of mp3 audio released in April 2011)  -
  • Hi Sri,
    will it be in Tamil or English?
  • Makkale - We had a great interview with Thiruvalar (Numismatics Scholar) Raman Sankaran on our radio show from Stanford

    Please do check out the recorded program ( thanks to all from all over the world who had heard the program live viw web streaming and sent in their feedback)

    Mikka Nandri

    Sri Sri
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book -

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