• Dear Friends,

    As you all are aware, our PS Story line starts on the banks of Veeranam with people celebrating Aadiperukku !!

    rewindertoons Mr. Ramesh was kind enough to post some pix a couple of
    years back which I think are archieved in photos section.. !! just to recall...

    It is also customary to exchange Greetings among our members and their families on this happy occasion ..

    This year Aadi 18th is on the 3rd AUGUST - Wednesday !

    Particularly this year flow in Cauvery is also very good and the celebrations are underway since aadi amavasya itself..

    We have been muting out the idea to our members to plan get-together in their regions and exchange greetings - mentioning PS storyline..too

    Am sure our friends in Singapore, Eurpose, USA will also be celebrating the occasion..

    and of course our friends in Bangalur / Delhi etc., also will be celebrating the occasion.

    in TN - Coimbatore - Madurai - Thanjai / Trichy friends will be celebrating on the banks of the river fronts..!!

    We preceded this with our Marina meet !!

    And of course, for those who is desirous of going to Kumbakonam - Arisalaru in particular - pls mail me and I will plan accomodation for them and family on complimentary basis !!

    Wish all our members their Families and Tamils across the frontiers, a HAPPY AADIPERUKKU WISHES.

    sps & family
  • Dear Friends,

    This year adiperukku is tomorrow.

    I wish all the members good success in their carrear.

    I request the members to start a new venture / business/ new task/ new writeup / etc etc by tomorrow and

    Annai kaveri will defintiely help you to get success as to that of kalki who started ponniyin selvan on the same day on several decades ago.
  • Thanks you SPS.

    Wish all the members a happy AADI PERUKKU
  • Aadip Perukku Nal Vaazhthukkal.

    ~ Udanx
  • Nandri SPS/ Satish mattrum nanbargale - thanks for reminding PS again

    Here is the link to PSBagam - 1 - Pudhu Vellam- Chapter - 1  - click here to listen to the mp3 audio

    Please listen to the wonderful narration of Amarar Kalki where he takes us on a journey and make us feel part of the scene - nammai angeye azhaithu kondu poividuvaar.

    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book - http://www.itsdiff.com/kalkips.html
  • Dear All

    Wishing you a flowing wealth and glowing health on the AADI PERUKKU day.

    May be we can explore the possibility of celebrating this day also as the PSVP day - The day PS storyline started with vanthiathevan @ veeranam.

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