• Dear Friends,

    I feel highly delighted in introducing a new address for my articles. This new site is better structured, very much segregated in divisions to suit your interests. The idea is simple, document as many monuments as you can, and help in spreading awareness about the Indian heritage. 

    I have been working on this from last one month and it's been a great pleasure working with Thiru in building this new site. The current content is the old blogspot migrated content but structured in a different manner. I will soon publish new articles as well.

    I have received your kind and continuous patronage in my previous attempts and I look forward for the same kindness to this new baby. I request you to subscribe, if you are interested, so that you can get notifications on new articles. I am waiting for your comments and feedback to make this site more usable and useful.

    The current theme is the history and the monuments of The Guptas, the home page of the site displays articles related to this theme. Similar themes on different dynasties will be available once the study of that dynasty is complete or nearly completed.

    Link to new site -
  • Wonderful start Saurabh. Am sure we will all learn a lot from your site
  • Congrats and wonderful

    Your articles are very structured - infact i improved a lot through ur style

    I am eagerly awaiting your exploration to Pandyas
  • Wow guys. That is a very attractively done web site. Kudos to the effort. I
    will go through the website more leisurely tonight and give more feedback -
    i have subscribed though.
  • I really feel there is a huge potential, to get all the great dynasties of
    india listed there. I know that is a huge task, but this is absolutely the
    right step. Also, as you have said before why don't add a discussion forum
    and encourage people start discussing the contents of the website there
    rather than in the group.
  • Wow. There are so many articles aleady, this is what, more than 6 months of

  • Discussion in the website is it open to all or is it restricted. If it is
    open to all and we have casual users also in the discussion then we are
    inviting trouble. Guess all that must have been thought about by our core

    My 2 cents
  • Dear Vijay,

    TIME to Honour SAURABH SAXENA !!

    Greatly accomplishing..

    very best wishes and warm rgds dear Saurabh,

  • Dear SPS Sir,
    Comments, feedback and well-wishes are the elements of a true honor and I am getting it all from the group. These are the simple things which keeps you going. Nothing can surpass a simple word like 'well-done' but more important is what you do should be beneficial to at least few people in the society. I hope someone is getting benefit out of it, not financially but intellectually :).
    I have been missing few meetings in the past, but very keen to meet you all again as I met few years back. Major issue is not about the interest but about the tickets which are so tough to get if not informed well in advance, but I hope next time I will join you all.
  • Great Saurabh...well done. Congrats,
  • The Chef and the guy who does dressing and serves, both deserve accolades. Congrats Saurabh and Thiru!

  • Dear Saurab,

    We are very very happy that you are sharing your blog details here !!

    You are also creating bridge with Other parts of Indian History with our Group !!

    Vizag Dhivakar, Kalinga Balu used to share such details and now you also joined the coveted list !!

    We will inform well in advance for a meet so that all new members can also interact with you more.

    warm regards and greetings,

  • Dear Saurabh,
    I am very new member in this group. I must say I am greatly surprised and amazed to find such a passion about ourheritage in this group. 
    Your new site is excellent. Definitely I am learning many things from your site.Getting to know about a lot about the temples in Madhya Pradesh and Chatisgad.And also about the Gupta Dynasty , the period of their rule is said to be the golden period in Indian history.
    I have learnt many things from Vj and Sankara narayan sir and others greats in this group.I must thank all those who pour in lots of information organised in a very sweet way in this group.
    And to Sps sir, I wanted to come into the last meeting arranged at marina, but due to some urgent personal could not make it.
    I have been going to temples since my young age and admiring all the sculptures.But the way you people have been discussing so fantastically about thesebeautiful creations of our ancestors makes me really feel proud of them and happy to be in this loop.
    Thanking you a lot,
  • Dear Saurabh
    It is impressive Hats off Keep on with the good work

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: [email protected]

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