SAALAI KALAMARUTHU - detailsof the hero stone
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    It is in this context that the hero-stone acquires importance, argues Ilango. For it talks about how "Arunmozhi Thevar alias Raja Raja Chola, who defeated the Nolambas, the Gangas and the Vengai Nadu… beheaded the Malai Alargal of Kanthalur Salai…"

    In the assessment of A. Padmavathy, retired Senior Epigraphist, Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department, it is "an important discovery because it solves several puzzles. "

    In the context of scholars expressing different opinions about the relationship between Raja Raja Chola and Kanthalur Salai, the inscription specifically mentions how he beheaded the "Malai Alargal of Salai", that is, the warriors of Kanthalur Salai and subjugated them. Raja Raja Chola's attack on Kanthalur Salai had been his "maiden victory," says .Padmavathy.

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    We will invite Dr. padhmavathi and Dr. Ramachandran for a detailed talk on the subject soon.

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