Basic Doubt - RRC Pallippadai and Rjc Cremation?
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    I have a basic doubt. We discussed during the meet that RRC took deeksha and hence burning his mortal remains is equivalant to burning a siva temple. Hence Samadhi etc etc
    But if this is the case ofr Siva Pata Sekaran then ....
    Rajendra also took deeksha and became Siva Charana Sekaran but according to Brahmadesam inscription of his Brother in law, he was creamated and his wife comitted sati.
  • one doubt on RRC if we attempt to answer ony doubles the number of doubts
  • Had a discussion with SPS sir on this today and he clarified

    RRC was emperor first and took deeksha near his end.

    Rjc took deeksha first, then did tilaparvatham process and came out of that, became emperor and died as an emperor - hence cremation ie agni samskaram.

    Thanks SPS sir for clarifying
  • interesting. do we have edicts for all these?

  • Yes sir. Sps phd thesis is on this
  • " Thanjai peria Koil was bereft of Puja and used to appear like haunted house ."

    When I said this two senior members expressed displeasure.

    It was Mr.Shashwath who steared clear of any unwanted remarks and . I am happy that he is leading a right courseof historical analysis.

    Nagaswamy indicates diversion of land assets from TPK to GKCP.
    Kulothungan was a hybrid of Chola and Chalukya. He was criticise by Ma.Po.Si as a malevelont king.

    Then came Vijayanagar rulers.
    Thirumalai and his successorrs were bilding another big Temple for "Meenakshi".
    Any evidence of him paying attention to TPK.

    Nayaka rule decline in to Palayagarar splintered, petty chiefdoms

    Hyder ali and Thippu ruled up to trichy District. But what did he do for TPK. Any study available ?

    Shivaji is considered as a national hero. Was he Some historians are of the view tha he came to Thanjai for a plunder. Saraboji'S great grand son sold a good part of Thanjai to East India Company. National heros hugh

    I stop here.

    Thank you

  • Dear Vijay ..

    Fine.. for testing.. !! as if u all dont know the clarification.

    Any how let me record my view ::

    Rajaraja became Siva pathasekaran..

    But it was Rajendra - who was made Yuvaraja in 1012 AD - also adopted Sivadikshai and became to be known as Siva Sarana Sekaran and performed his father's last rites in about 1015 AD and later on by entering Thilaparvatham ( heep of ginglee) became to be known as RAJENDRA AGAIN ....


    RRC @ Sivapathasekara& Rajendra OR

    RjC @ Sivasarana Sekara and Rajendra (after surrendering back siva diskahai.

    Thus RRCs mortal remains were NOT cremated.. but
    RjC's mortal remains were cremated..

    some more detail, i would like to share..

    Arumozhi - who conferred the rights to Madurantaga s/o Kandraditha ascended the throne as Rajaraja in 985 CE and ruled for 30 years (as if by an arrangement) ...

    He was known to be worshipped as PERIYA PERUMAL during his life time (may be after the Bigtemple established)..

    Just prior to that (in about 1006 ) he became to be known as SIVAPATHASEKARAN.. having got SIVADIKSHAI...

    He is supposed to have left his motral remains around 1014 CE and his first Annual Death ceremony is supposed to have been performed in 1015 CE according to Kudanthai Sethuraman..

    95) I have been looking for more details...

    the mention of MADEVADIGAL - d/o of Rajaraja (other than Kudavi w/o Vimaladithan) in ONLY two inscriptions (1) at Tiruvalanchuzhi and (2) at Thiruvaiyaru drew my attention to these two temples.

    There was speculation that she adopted Jainism (reference from Manimegalai and attempt made to take revenge etc., etc.., utterly found to be baseless.

    Realised it was another simple explanation.. Sembian madevi was also known as Madevadigal. Means FEMALE DEVOTEE WHO WORSHIPPED MAHADEVAN - was Madevadigal and it had NOTHING TO DO WITH JAINISM ..

    When focussed on Tiruvalanchuzhi.. I supported the renovation attempt in the and Dr. Kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini were kind enough to personally visit - record and publish the new found inscriptions over there- in Valanchuzhi vaanar...

    One such important inscription was found in 2005 at the entrance of Mukamandapam depicting Rajendra as SIVASARANA SEKARAN..

    And another NEW inscription found in 2005 at Kshetrabalar indicated that on the 3rd year of RjC - RRC was alive !!

    This negatives Kudanthai Sethuraman's view and make us speculate that Rajendra DID NOT PERFORM 1st Annual Death Ceremony - but instead PERFORMED Re-entering to Worldly life as Emperor Rajendra - after performing last rites to his Guru Sivapathasekaran as Sivasaranasekaran !!

    This also need to be put into the acid tests.. !!

  • Mr.SPS please uploa this. This is the fourth day it is pending .
  • "Shivaji is considered as a national hero. Was he Some historians are of the view tha he came to Thanjai for a plunder. Saraboji'S great grand son sold a good part of Thanjai to East India Company. National heros hugh"

    Which historian considered Shivaji a plunderer of Tanjavur ?
    can u quote ?
    Shivaji was a national hero acknowledged by none other than
    and he was hailed a avatar purusha by Swami Vivekananda.
    Why did Subramanya Bharati write the poem
    JAYA JAYA BHAVANI... on the Chatrapati ?
    Why did Tagore write poems hailing the great hero ?
    Do you know about Lokmanya Tilak whose Birthday is falling on this 23rd July who started Shivaji Birthday celebrations?
    Are these men devoid of any understanding on history ?
  • Hi
    plunder was not a bad word those days. it was considered a right of the winner.
    the kings had no second thought about it. even in temple edicts they proclaimed that the spoils of war were given to temples.

    while on shivaji, there is a widespread perception that he visited the KALIKAMBAL temple in chennai. madras musings recently published notes from a diary of east india company that shivaji stayed well out of the city and his demands were met. so if he had visited as the edict in the temple says it must have been secret visit in disguise( for which he was famed for).
  • the madras visit of sivaji
  • Shivaji is considered as a national hero. Was he Some historians are of the view
    tha he came to Thanjai for a plunder.

    Hmm, Shivaji never came down so far south. I think the farthest he came was to
    Gingee, which he took from the Bijapur Sultans. How exactly the Adil Shahi
    dynasty, based in north Karnataka managed to rule that far south is another
    thing I don't really understand.

    Clarification:- I have heard that the chennai - Kalikaambal koil (Thambu Chetty
    Street) was visited by the great warrior and there are inscriptions in the
    temple. Can someone verify that. If it is proved then Shivaji did come very
    close upto chennai.

    Sri Sri
    Ponniyin Selvan Audio Book -
  • sivaji did come upto vellore. his grandson ruled from tanjore.

    reposting a link
  • > Serfoji (it's easy to get that spelling right, I'd hope) pretty much lost his
    > kingdom; it was either surrender to the British or lose his life.
    > A happy consequence of his giving up is that the temple was now under British
    > administration, and thus studied by successive historians, who actually decided
    > to try reading the inscriptions and piece together its story. That's one of the
    > better things they did in India, in my opinion!

    they gave us back rajarajan's memories to cure a collosal amnesia

  • Inscription is there with date - but it is a later one

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