SAALAI KALAMARUTHU - widely discussed by Scholars
  • KAN has dealt this in detail.

    Appadurai too. WIPRO Babu brought this out.
    some how, his mail is yet to reach group.

    pls do repost dear Mr. Babu.

    Pandarathar too deals with this.

    Gokul has written extensively on Kandhalur chalai.

    I think Dr. selvakumar (Tamil University) has also written

    By and large the agreed line of thinking was ::

    There should have been an Academy - Kadigai in Kandalur (supposedly near Vizhignam / Trivandrum)... and this could have been
    MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY ( resembling Chaolin) (Kalan - Weaponary)
    NAVAL ACADEMY ) Kalam - vessel - ship
    ARE MULTI DISCIPLINED ACADEMY - which teaches both the above along with Administrative / Espionage trainings etc., too.

    The Geographical Location - Vizhignam - appears to be VERY SIGNIFICANT - since in less than 40 miles range, it is located from Pandyas - Cheras - Cholas and of course Lanka too.

    The first invasion on Lanka appears to have taken place by Narasimha Pallava between 630 - 650 CE.

    Then of course Mathiraiyum Eazhumkonda PARANTAKA I., ( 920 s ) and
    Mathiraiyum Eazhumkonda PARANTAKA II @ Sundara. (960s )..

    Yet the first record on Kandalur chalai appears in 988 CE - RRC's 3rd year..


    It can be fairly assumed that this Academy supplied so many BEAUROCRATS - HIGHER OFFICIALS - who did pursue some Hidden Agenda - or used their Academy Connections and got things done unethically.

    Recently another theory is putward :

    There will be a Nominee from Kandalur Salai. He has to be defeated in all the forms of War..

    If one accomplishes it, the process is known as "Salai - Kalamaruthu .. " ..

    This was accomplished by RRC, RjC and by his successors too.

    Let us hear other views too.

    rgds/ sps
  • dear sirs,

    i got a map of Kandhalur salai from the book " chola navigation
    package ",author Prof. B. Arunachalam.

    I have attached the scanned image and in a pdf doc. pls have a look. if need the
    details, pls let me know sir.

    sakthi sree

    thanks and rgds


  • Dear sps,

    If you kindly recollect a clarification given in the recent '9th anniversary at Meenakshi Bhawan', by one of the speakers (to my memory it was Dr.Padmavathy) about ' Kandhaloorchalai Kalamarutharuli'. It was this:
    The Chola throne was under the control of the bureaucracy.
    RRC probed on this that 'kandhaloorchalai' a place in present day Kerala region, developed many scholars and sent to Tamilnadu. Those scholars became bureaucrats and they were at the helm of decision making groups in the kingdom.
    RRC invaded that place and destroyed it. He made himself supreme authority thus. And hence he was rightly called ' Kandhaloorchalai Kalamarutharuli'.
    I hope those who attended the meet would also recall.
  • With due respect to the experts on the panel - history is subject to
    interpretation and must place on record that those who spoke including us
    are in no way the final authority on this ( if at all there is any such
    person) - to take a few pointers - the assasination of AK - was not a
    trivial or spur of the moment act - as evidenced by the use of the word
    drogigal aka traitors in the Udayarkudi Kalvettu

    Similarly, as SPs pointed out Kali soozhthathu and its interpretation was
    not an acceptable explanation
  • Dear Vijay / Sivaram Kannan / Mr. Santhanam and Friends,

    This morning I spoke to Dr. Padhmavathi re Saalai Kalamaruthu ( i did not see the mails for the past 2 - 3 days) and placed my view that " Instead of Kalam + aruthu, it gives simple meaning when split as Kalam + MARUTHU (refuting a legal charge ) ( and establishing ones right / claims )..

    The basis for this is from a Literature quoted by Dr. S. Ramachandran in his atticle which our dear Shakthi has posted.

    Dr. Padhmavathi spoke to me on the Sengam Nadugal... and brought out this as aspect which Sivaram is kind enough to post..

    Last week Gokul also shared this aspect with me quoting Dr. Padhmavathi..

    Dr. Padhmavathi substantiated that KANDALUR CHALAI KALAMARATHU - denoted War Expedition ...

    What I mentioned was ONE VIEW POINT... which Dr. S. Ramachandran did touch and went on without detailed discussion on the Literature.. and I focused on MARUTHU.. re Kalam ..

    I also added my view point need to be substantiated by referring similar " Kalandalur chalai kalamaruthu .." meykeerthis of other Kings.. incluing that of Pandyas..

    According to Sengam inscription (which was found and read by Dr. Padhmavathi) - RRC beheaded a Keralalite .. ( malayaliyai kazhutharuthu.. )

    I think ONE should again focus on Dr. S. Ramachandran's article - because that is the extensive work..

    Dr. Padmavathi herself desired to see the details.. which I have agreed to provide...

    Why did RRC to behead ?

    Why only KERALANDHAGAN VAYIL in the Big Temple ?
    when the Other one was Rajararajan Thiruvayil ?

    And Nothing negative mentioned about PANDYAS ? who are supposed to be their Arch-rivals ?

    Why the unpublished inscription in that Vayil state " The Waves of the Western Coast touched RRCs feet and uttered Saranam Saranam ? "

    I do agree there are details need to be explored ..

    We will focus more on the queries and try to find explanations..

    thanks for sharing..

    warm rgds / sps

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