sanskrit and divine langauge
  • Mr.rajkumar,

    Sanskrit is the spoken language of India.Hindhi is nothing but
    sanskrit.After usage by common people sanskrit became hindhi.Many
    Indian languages still use so many sanskrit words.Even urdhu has
    sanskrit words.Even latin,greek,chinese languages have so many
    sanskrit words.

    english sanskrit
    mother mather
    father pithur
    coffee kabisam
    alpha al
    two dwa

    I can only go on.

    God did not want to prevent kumbakonam tragedy.In fact he planned it
    and executed it.find that strange?If i answer that we will be
    entering an atheism vs theism debate.I dont have time for that.maybe
    in some other day we will do so.
  • Ms/Mrs Priya,

    Its fine to get an arguement like this. But we
    should not accept hindi as sanskrit. Though tamizh
    gave birth to so many languages its exists because its
    a native language. Where is sanskrit? Dont say again
    hindi as sanskrit.

    If we compare and say two languages are same, I
    can also give so many languages.

    Tamil Telugu
    Kukkal Kukka - Dog
    Akka Akka - sister

    According to ur theory Tamizh and Telugu are same.

    Tamil Hindi
    Pakshanam Pakshanam
    Sooryan Surya

    According to ur theory tamizh and hindi -
    indirectly sanskrit are same.

    So many words in malayalam are also same. So
    Tamizh and malayalam are same. We use arabic alphabets
    so every language in the world are same. Right? Think
    about that.

    Its not necessary to be true, only because its
    being urs.

    Most of the words from English are originated from
    other languages. So this comparison is meaningless. Do
    you know the origin of english? definitely not britain
    or us. findout.

    Coming to kumbakonam matter, I request u to read
    that mail again and understand the meaning and then

  • mr rajkumar,
    Comparing tamil and malayalam is comparing tamil with
    tamil.Malayalam came from tamil.That is how all other languages came
    from a common language(sandas-the language of vedas)
    Sanskrit,tamil,lithuanian,greek,latin,madarin all originated from
    sandas.Linguists club them all together and say that all these
    languages originated from a proto indo-european language.That was
    the first language of the world.World earlier had a common
    language.They call it indo-european.we call it sandas.

    In India we retain the old language as holy and revered as
    sanskrit.In west it is latin.That old language still exists is what
    i meant.arabic,african all came out from that language given by lord
    shiva when he played his damrukku.

    Kumbakonam needs no explanation.All people who are born will
    die.Thinking otherwise is foolishness.what is there to blame god for
    it?Is the world so logical that only old should die and young should
  • Hi rajkumar,
    It is a well known fact that Hindi originated from Sanskrit only. Look
    at the scripts. They are one and the same Devanagari script. But apart
    from Sanskrit so many local languages likee prakrrit, Avadh, and
    (ofcourse from Urdu and Arabic, which came to India only in 10th
    Centurey A.D.) also contributed to the development of Hindi.

    The Hindi vocabulary itself is categorized into 4 types.

    Thathsam - Hindi Words that came directly from Sanskrit
    Thathbhav - Hindi Words that came modified from Sanskrit
    Deshi - Words borrowed from other local languages like Pali, prakrrit,
    Avadh Marawadi etc.
    Videshi - Words borrowed from other foreign languages - Urdu and Arabic
    fall in this category only.

    If you carefully see, there is no age old Hindi Literature. Even the
    tulasidas Ramayan one of the oldest literary work is not in Hindi, but
    it is in Avadh language. Hindi literature came into existence only from
    the 15th - 16th Century A.D.

    The word Suryan is not Thamizh, it is from Sanskrit only. The exact
    Thamizh word is kathiravan / Aadhavan / GnayiRu etc.
    When Thamizh, which had a form of its own can be inflenced by Sanskrit,
    why not Malayalam and other south Indian Languages.

    We have lost Sanskrit because of the following reasons.
    1. It was not propagated to the masses from the time immemorial. Only
    people who attended Gurukulam only were taught Sanskrit.
    2. It is a real real tough language. I studied it for 3 years and the
    grammar is tough like anything.
    The Sanskrit students study in 11th and 12th in school days are only
    some Shlokas and they have to write the whole paper in English only. I
    don't mean this. I mean the real grammar.
    3. This is the most important reason - Gandhi didn't want Sanskrit to be
    declared as the national language.

    Even today a few priests in Uttar Pradesh speak Sanskrrit very very
    fluently. This I have seen with my own eyes in Varanasi.
    There is a village in Karnataka near Uduppi, where people speak only

    So Sanskrit as such hasn't become dead. Only thing is that, it is

    As Priya says, it is 'believed', I repeat 'believed' that Sanskrit was
    born from the sound of the udukkai of Shiva. Veda says it.
    There is this phrase in Yajur Veda;
    "Ayavaradh" "Labhang" "Kha cha ttha tha pha ya ra" "ithi maheshwarani
    This is only a belief. Since we are dealing with real facts, we need
    concrete proof to ascertain this as a fact.

    I didn't get any reply on my opinion about the reverse migration. About
    people to have migrated from India to the central asian places and
    genetic identity between us and the lithuanians.
  • Ms/Mrs Priya,

    I have read so many books.But its first time I am
    hearing that tamizh has come from some other language.
    Its 100% unbeliavable. I think u like sanskrit. Thats
    why u r putting forward an arguement to bring down the
    fame of tamizh.

    I give u the reason for my arguement. According to
    ur OWN/OTHER'S unbelievable theory sanskrit came from
    the language SANDAS.

    But sanskrit has been declared as a classical
    language. The criteria for a language to be announced
    as a classical language is it should not have born
    from other languages.

    Indian Govt. is now considering to announce Tamizh
    as a classical language.

    So both these languages are different and did not
    born from a single/any other language. Ok, I accept
    Malayalam came from Tamil. Then what about English? It
    has some words similar with Tamizh. For example,
    Kattumaram in tamizh and Kattamaran in English. Are
    these languages are same?

    Coming to the kumbakonam incident, sorry to say
    this, This is first time I am meeting a heartless
    human being(?) in my life. I know, everyone has to
    die. But not in the way, not in this age, not as a
    group like this.

    The whole tamizh nadu conveyed its courtesy and
    condolence in this matter. Have they not met any death
    before that? Is this first time a death incident
    happened in tamizhnadu?

    You have given-up your humanity for a language.
    This is why I hate sanskrit. Not because of the
    language, but because of the people like you.

    I ask you one thing. If it has happened in your
    family, will speak like this? I dont want to argue
    with a heartless person like you.
  • I think this topic is not suitable for discussion in this fora,
    although people are pouring valuable info.

    my 2 cents.

    - Venky

    p.s: Discussions are getting heated. Maybe the moderator should step in ;)
  • Hi all,

    I defenitely agree with venkee. Please stop this topic. Because these
    r more sensitive issues. I believe this sanskrit-divine language,
    aryanization, vedas r completely offtrack.
  • Raj Kumar,
    If malayalam is born from Tamil, what about Kanada, Telugu? Do we have any proofs saying they originated from Tamils as well?

  • Dear all
    how much ever you argue the dravidian languages and the indo european or indo aryan as you would like are different
    check this out on dravidian languages

    this in indo european language tree

    I think we are all getting things a bit confused here the aryan migration took place 2000 to 3000 years agao pushing the erstwhile dark races down south....we are an amalgamation of those mixed gene pool thats why we are not frankly causacian or negroid but a mixture.....

    Its interesting to see what sort of people you meet in this small world one of my patients knew more about this than me (hes a gentleman from worcester who did charity work in bihar and MP and studied the languages of the tribes and similar in the area)

    He said that the language these tribes spoke were more similar to tamil with similar traditions than hindi and his explanation was that these were pockets of dravidian races which were left behind in the hills and forest and became minorities

    If you look at the dravidian language tree it doesnt stop with south india there are pockets elsewhere aswelll

    Let me remind you the Indus valley inscriptions are still the only inscriptions in the world that havent been deciphered.....there is a strong possibilty that this was a dravidian culture

    read the following link very interesting including an essay by our own iravadam mahadevan

    it may be the scientist in me which looks foe evidence as much as I believe in myths

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