PSVP - 9th Annual Meet - 3rd July 2011 - FIRST SESSION
  • The event went on well. Thanks to SPS for this opportunity.

    We missed Mr.Sriraman,s presentations and Mr.Kalinga Balu's speeches due to lack of time, which we were eager to listen to.

    A discussion session at the end was interesting. A few concrete plans were arrived at, i suppose. The suggestion of bi-monthly or quarterly meet of members is to be considered.
    When this is considered, please take into account that there are takers for the suggestion to introduce a annual fee structure.
  • Dear SPS, Anusha venkat and the team

    It is the wonderful day in my life. In fact I was having the business tour to North, I have not registered my participation. Fortunately the trip was cancelled and I have attend this meet first time though I was the member long years ago.

    It is very very useful and interesting. I request SPS to conduct this type of meet twice in a year. If any financial burden we will share the same.

    Those who are miss the meet, please try to attend the another meet also I request SPS to conduct the meet on full day event.

    I was surprised that SPS called me to inroduce myself and thanks once again to SPS for the honour and this meet will help me to get more friends who can share my project too.

    Good show and congrats to the total team.
  • Dear All,

    My wife and myself had the pleasant opportunity to meet you all and be part of
    this wonderful team. We were amazed by the scholarly debates and thoroughly
    enjoyed the entire proceedings. Unfortunately we had leave after the lunch due
    to another engagement.

    We would love to participate in the forthcoming tour, if the group has planned
  • Wonderful day and a wonderful meeting. Looking forward for more such events
    to be conducted quite often.
  • I too, would like to thank everyone, from SPS, Venkat, VJ, Muruganandham,
    Vairam, Shankaranarayanan, the ASI team and all (sorry if I've missed
    someone out) for a wonderful day. I had a great time. :)
  • Thank God I made it today - like I am missing the last couple of meets. The
    interaction was wonderful - I wish we had more time to complete Vj's
  • Dear Sir

    Really i missed out, net meeting i will attend, if u have presentation please send to us

    Please condut the program yearly twice.sir we have to make one trust and do the activities.for our activity we have to start the monthly magazines
  • Dear All

    i have been following the PSVP threads for a year now and was fortunate to attend the PSVP meet yesterday at Chennai.

    It was a excellent meeting of minds , ideas and the enthusiasm was bubbling with a unique mixture of old and younger generation. I really appreciate the warmth towards new members and the patience to listen to ideas from them.

    This meet has helped me to learn more about history of cholas and related topics and meeting the right team of enthusiastic scholars.

    I thank SPS,TVK Rajan, PSS,badri, Dr. Kailasam, Kalinga balu, Venkat, Muruganandam, thiru, sathish Arun, sankara narayanan , santhanakrishnan for the wonderful time and excellent organisation of the event.

    i am willing to participate in any of the activities where you feel, my contribution might be useful.

    wishing a much more detailed full day event in the next 2- 3 months , once the pilot initiatives we have started in this meeting , reach a completion stage

    i am available at the following contact details.

    Sivasankar Babu
    Solution Delivery Head - SI practice-Capital markets , WIPRO , chennai
    Ph: 91 875 445 1756
    email : [email protected]
    Earth: balajaha @ 12.926480, 80.127671

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