The Basement Air conditioned Hall in MEENAKSHI BHAWAN at 44/1 GN Chetty Road, T. Nagar, - with about 100 persons seating capacity - with a small dias and provision to present Power Point - has been booked for OUR MEETING on the 3rd July - sunday.

    The Hall is booked from 11 am to 4 pm.

    We have to handover at 4 pm since there is another programme immediately after that at 425 pm.

    The Place is located between the Jain Temple and Residency Towers in GN Chetty Road.

    We will plan to assemble around 1045 am.

    Have some informal discussions.. 1100 to 1300 hrs.

    Quick Introduction of Members.

    Brief Talk by Writers like
    Venkat, Muruganandam, Pavithra, Dr. Kaliasam, Viswaksenan, Vizag Dhiwakar and similar other members - whose works already published.

    Points for Detailed Discussion ::

    1. Options to Channelise the potentials avl in Group
    2. Guide Services
    3. Volunteers needed for translating Tamil Works to English and
    Tamil typing persons
    4. Other points - as suggested by members !!

    Quick Lunch will be served in the Hall itself.

    We will Welcome and Convey our best wishes to
    dear Vairam Palaniappan - who is getting wedded on the 10th July.

    We will slot his brief presentation suitably.

    We will have a second session :: 1400 to 1500 hrs.

    In this we will plan,

    Kalinga Balu's Power Point on Submerged Continent of Southern India,

    Vijay's Talk - Poetry in Stone Power Point

    Sankaranarayanan's Vaali prior to Kambaramayanam

    Will request Sriraman to include his Power Point re his recently released Book - The Chola Murals.

    REACH - Chandra's power Point..

    We will plan an Open House Programme
    under the Guidelines of Venkat - Muruganandham.

    We will announce a Day programme of Celebrating
    on the banks of Arasalaru
    near Pazhayrai !!

    Since it falls on August 3rd, we can
    modify to suit our convenience
    in preceding OR following
    Saturday / Sunday

    more suggestions welcome.

    all are requested to participate
    and make the meet a success.

    venkat thiru vijay ashok sps
  • Dear Friends,

    The Hall is booked.

    Lunch is ordered for about 40 participants.

    Pls confirm participation.

    anbudan / sps
  • SPS Sir

    I am in

    ~ Udanx
  • Dear SPS Sir,

    I'm in.

    And thank you for all the kind words about me. But ennai pesa ellaam
    sollaadheenga. :) I'd rather listen to other biggies talk.
  • Dear sps,
    Thanks for the details which are quite interesting.
    I hereby confirm my participation.
    Please publish a contact mobile number for this meet.
  • DearvSPS,

    It seemsI cant make it. I broke my wrist and ankle and I'm on cast. Learning to type with one hand. I will talk to you tomorrow.
  • Dear
    I pray god for the early recovery.  Donot strain much.
  • Dear SPS

    Thanks for remembering me. In fact, I am happy to inform my fellow members of the group that I took the privilege of acknowledging in my book,the support given to me by the PS members.

    I have spoken enough about the murals. Is it necessary to speak again?

    I will make copies of my book "Chola Murals" available for sale in the hall. Fellow members may buy it @Rs. 800/- per copy (No discount pl as it is an ASI publication).

  • Dear Sir,

    ay of join in this group I would like to meet everyone, but every time I used to miss the meets or discussions. Hope I will utilize for the forthcoming meets or functions to interact everyone.


    We will share Vedios etc.,

    will call u today.

    lv. sps


    regds / sps

  • Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your participation.

    Dear members,

    Please SMS Confirmation to 9444385156.

    The mobile will be on silent mode.

    We will collect the data
    and reconfirm in group by next day.

    Will be obliged if Dr. Kailasam
    can help in interacion.

    rgds / sps
  • I am looking forward to meet all the members of the PS group with great enthusiasm.

    Please count me in.
  • Sivasankar Babu + 1

    Karthik - of course

    Kalinga Balu - of course - have SMSed participation.


  • Dear
     I am at your disposal and willing to do any thing as you like it. I will come for the meeting.
    Always yours
    Malarcholai mangai Dr L Kailasam
  • Hi All,

    I am quite new to this group and I was a silent spectator all these days. I have
    not interacted with any one of you except Marboor Chandrasekaran. I am keen in
    meeting all of you on 3rd July. Hence count me in for the meet. My wife may
    also accompany me.

    BTW, I have written a book titled "RagaChintamani" that covers the classical
    aspect of Tamil Film Music. I can bring few copies, if anyone of you are
    interested. More details about this book at
  • Hi SPS Sir,
    I am trying for tatkal tickets, if successful then join you all in this
  • Hi all

    I can do a short presentation on bronzes.
  • Sure dear Vijay.,

    And our Raman can have his Chola coins Exhibition.

    Venkat and Murugandam organising
    Open House and highlights of our group activities
    since conception.

    Venkat will interact with Vairam and
    let us know whether he is presenting some details
    re Sangam Literature.

    Dr. Padhmavathi - State archlgy (rtd)
    Dr. K. Sridhar - State Archlgy (rtd)

    have agreed to participate as special invitees.

    anbduan / sps
  • yes dear
    I will do the needful
  • Dear Sir

    I am abbas from tirunelveli, i am interest to join this gorup,do we have any memebership?please let me know.i want attend this event,but i couldn't come.
  • Dear Abbas,

    You are already a member.

    Most welcome to Chennai.

  • Dear Mr Venkat, Mr Dhivakar

    Im Dr Chandran [ Chandhru]

    and you both know me

    Im actually arriving from Malaysia on Saturday 2nd July evening

    I would Like to attend the Sunday function

    [ am prepared to pay for any dues for the meal for 2 persons]
  • dear sir

    thanks for invitation,
  • Dear Venkat,

    confirmed participation of Dr. Chandru
    to him by mail.

    Dear Thiru,

    our dear Venkat desires a small write up /
    projections re activities of our group.

    kindly help.

    warm rgds / sps
  • Dear Organisers,

    Could you please add/register myself (Saravanan) and my brother Kumaran for
    our July 3rd meet?

    Thank you.
  • most welcome.


  • dear SPS
    Greetings. Good that u r meeting for specific agenda..I am in chennai on 3rd
    to attend a betrothal program in tambaram..if some one could tell me how to
    reach the Meenakshi bhawan i will try to be there in the afternoon...

    also i offer my services for transaltion and editing works as i had already
    served as a journalist with interest in this work....

    with best wishes
    R.Jayaraman PhD
    Professor and Head
    Fisheries College and Research Institute
    Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
    Tuticorin 628008

    Mobile 9489120392
  • Dear all,

    I would like to attend the july 3rd meet along with my daughter.

  • Dear Sirs',

    Trying my best to make it there.
    Should if my office work finishes before saturday....
    Should be a great meet.
    Thanks for the elders for arranging such a fantastic meet.
  • Hi Sps

    we would have the open house in the pre lunch session as a form of ice breaker for new visitors
    people can voice their own doubts on rajaraja and somebody who is well versed can explain
    muruganandam will co ordinate the programme
    post lunch we will start with vairam ,and the rest to follow.we need to give him preference due to his tight schedule in the week to follow.
  • possible questions for open house

    why didnt rajaraja have a pallipadai while even his queens had one?

    was rajaraja really forgotten for 600 years and even the big temple called karikalans temple.

    what was the relationship between rajaraja and karuvur thevar

    did rajaaja realy find the thevaram olaigal

    what does the edict of rajaran's mothers sati actually mean. who was the baby?

    what are the edicts that indicate the dominance of kundavai
  • Nice and good questions.

    I will answer the questions on thevaram and raja raja and karuvur thevar or in general raja raja his guru relationships as recorded in the paintings.

    Can someone bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop?

  • WILL DO.


    RGDS / SPS
  • dear sirs,

    can i participate.

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