A request
  • Dear Friends,

    I see that there have been some emails that have
    made mention about me or needing feed-back, or
    some clarification.

    Because I have mailbox problems, I am depending
    more on web-based mail work.
    We also have very slow lines.

    So I am not able to see the mails promptly and tend
    to miss out some of the mails which have been
    referred to me.

    I hope, people would kindly send a copy to me when
    refering anything to me.

    Then I would'nt be missing it.
  • Dear Dr. Jaybee...

    We really appreciate your offer to clarify our doubts. We'll certainly dash
    off a mail to your personal id.
  • Dear Friends,

    In the Periya KOyil, around the sanctum sanctorum,
    the walls were painted with original fresco

    But when the Naiyakkars took over, they plastered
    the original paintings and repainted with their pwn
    style of paintings.

    But a few years ago, the archeological department
    or the UNESCO undertook to take out the Nayakkar
    frescos and preserve the original ChOlza paintings.

    In fact, the 'Cholza Temples' book contains a few
    photos of the frescos. RajaRaja would be standing
    with a semi-transparent jibbha and sporting
    a beard. A few of his wives around.

    Then I remember SundaraMUrthy NaAyanAr's ascent
    to heaven. CEramAn PerumAL is seen on a white
    horse. Just the scenario which AruNagiri sang
    in his NAdha vindhu kalAdhi namO nama, a few
    centuries hence.

    Somebody nearby should take photos and place them
    on the web.
  • Hi,

    Does anyone know which is the best cardiac hospital in
    Chennai that treats Atrial Septic Defect in children (
    commonly known as a 'hole in heart' that mixes pure
    blood with impure blood ) - a congenial disease of the
    heart ? Please provide the details, based on your
    acquaintances, previous history, success stories etc.,

    If you know any cardialogist (pediatric especially) in
    person, please provide details.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi Kasirajan,
    Will give you details tomorrow, my cousin's husband is
    a cardiologist at Appollo and I am sure he would know
    someone. Is this for some child you know? I can help
    you with pre and post operative nutritional care
    (thats my line of work)

    PS: May I please have your cell number so I can revert
    as soon as I get information?
  • dear sps:
    your narration on how all your activities began is interesting..i understand
    that inputs from several people have led to what we see today..you mentioned
    about the visit to the most important places connected with the RCC....

    may i make a request:
    you know in many countries they provide a brief guide on the salient
    historical/architectural features of of places of visit...
    can you pl arrange to form a team of people who can put together available
    information on each of the temples and other places/monuments that you all
    think most important with pictures if possible so that people could use
    this...naive people like me could use this whenever we happen to go to such
    places...this could be in tamil and english so that it would have a wide

    i was a journalist and have some good experience in editing..but it seems we
    have many competent people..so editing may not be a problem..it can be the
    publication of our group to mark the tenth anniversary as well...

    we can approach tourism dept to publish this if they desire so...

    I belong to the kingdom of RRC and more so of his great son who lived in
    jeyankondam before he moved into GKPM..i go to JKM frequently as my wife is
    from there..and i do visit GKPM frequently...

    with thanks and bets wishes
    R.Jayaraman Ph.D
    prof and head
    Fisheries College and Research Institute
    Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
    Thoothukudi 628008
    Mobile 94891 20392
  • Respected Sir,

    We have been planning on these lines for some time now.

    Certainly we will take your guidelines.

    We will include this as point for discussion in our 3rd July meet.

    pls do communicate more often.

    warm rgds, sps

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