anyone knows the history of udayarpalayam jameen !!
  • Today, there are streets in Kumbakonam named ‘Dabeer Street’). Upon the request of theTanjore king, a temple was built for Bangaru Kamakshi in the north street !!

    Even those who hail from Kumbakonam may not be aware !!

    thanks for sharing !!

    There are some more details re Udayarpalayam from

    Vijaya-Yathirai of Mahaswamigal.

    Like How the Zamin helped the poor during Famine & Flood days,
    how it helped creation of Kumbakonam mutt !!

    will try to share soon.

    rgds / sps
  • Along with bangaru kamkskshi amman a huge treasure was taken from Kanchipuram. The Udayapalayam jameen hidden those treasure under a mandap. The treasure might be there. Not only kamakshi but also varada rajar too.

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