RE Vaishnava-Shaiva conflict before tenth century CE?
  • I m not sure about whether it was chola or Naicker period
    But there was an instance I remember I have read in old books, that in
    Thanjavur and the Vishnu murthy was thrown out to the sea

    The new Murthy was installed in Thanjavur Natraj Temple
    The whole idea of that temple is unity of Shaiva and vishnu
    but this problem has also happened.

    Regarding Thulaka Nachiyar
    It is in Sreerangam Ranganathar Temple
    There is a Sannidhi for Thulaga nachiyar
    That is also an interesting story
  • Ithu enna puthu Kathai...Thanjavur natraja temple....vishnu thrown into
    sea..dont we have enough already
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • One more Kadai from my side.

    Early Pandya temples have ranganatha/Vishnu in saiva temples like Tiruchendur , Attur, Tirunelveli and Suchindram.

    Thirunelveli: I heard the story. Dont know whethere it is true?

    It seems that earlier in the same sanctum - Siva was facing east - and Vishnu facing south.

    The nellai govindar sannidhi was closed somewhere in between and forgotten.

    Kanchi Mahaswami suspected that the shape of Grabagraha ( in 1920s) is odd and asked them to open the wall. Nellai Govindar was found.
    But the central wall continued and only the side was opened.

    Again - Story is froma learnedBhattacharyar of Palayamkottai. No proof.
  • The Alagar koil was also a Shiva Shrine!
    The Sthalapurana of Alagar Koyil at Kola Malai states that there were eight Saiva temples converted in to Vaishnava Temple by Sakkara raya of Dindukal. Ref Mackenzie manuscript Vol I Edited by T.V. Mahalingam Madras University 1972 Page 65
  • The Alagar koil was also a Shiva Shrine!
    The Sthalapurana of Alagar Koyil at Kola Malai states that there were eight Saiva temples converted in to Vaishnava Temple by Sakkara raya of Dindukal. Ref Mackenzie manuscript Vol I Edited by T.V. Mahalingam Madras University 1972 Page 65
  • sir sir - paripadal kalathuliye adhu perumal koil.

    perumala uttudunga sir
  • Dear
    Santhome church is earlier a siva kovil. subseuqently english waala grabed it?

    However you see one thing. Even after the conversion, sivan never stopped his blessings in these temple.
  • I am providing the referrence as Mackenzie manuscript Vol I Edited by T.V. Mahalingam Madras University 1972 Page 65.

    We are just believing the stories We feel the god will come in person to save us. We hope black magic will protect us from our enemies and kill them.

    If God is there why when hundreds of people were slaughtered in Tamil Nadu in the name of religion?
    If we read Muslim travelers autobiography he quotes in 1131 the traveler was donated with 13 girls already married as slave to him. A husband rushed to the traveler and begged to return his wife as he has kids for feeding milk. The traveler replied "bring the child to me and I will take him along with me!"

    Did the so called gods came to protect him and his wife?

    So please look in to the facts rather than stories
  • Dear Sir,
    If we are going to discuss Rationalism versus Faith, that is a different agenda in itself.Mahatma Gandhi walked on the monstrous and riotous Noakhali with the faith of apilgrim. The biggest riots to him did not move his faith in God by an inch.
    You may well disagree with him, but then that is a different agenda in itself
    If you ask Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa , he would describe the cancer in throat as a prasad of MahaKali.You may disagree with him , that is your freedom.
    But to contest that Hindu religious beliefs donot have any historical significance , I may humbly suggest is a prejuidice given to us by this system of education by English.
    That is what Vivekananda meant when he said famously"The child is taken to school and the first thing he learns is that his father is a fool, the second thing that his grandfather is a lunatic, the third thing that all his teachers are hypocrites, the fourth that all the sacred books are lies. By the time he is sixteen, he is a mass of negation, lifeless and boneless".
  • D/Dr.Kailasam ,

    1.Kindly be informed that present Santhome church was built on Samanar [Jain ] temple land , theremnantsof which isavailable in the hostel opposite to it and the records are available in Madras Archive ; you may pl ref to book :Antiquities of Santhome & Mylapor - by Rev.H. Hosten
    2. Pl also take ref to book : Samanamum Tamizhum - by Mayilai Seeni Venkatasami

  • And all this connects to the topic at hand... how?

    Sorry, I don't get your point with respect to what we're discussing...

  • Recently read the following somewhere but could not remember where.

    In school we teach Ashoka, Pallava history in Fourth, Gupta, Harsha in Fifth, Chola, Pandya in sixth, Vijayanagar in seventh, Sultans in eighth, Mugal in 9th and British in 10th.

    Only the Child learns our history ( and will not remember) but the Boy learns Mugal/British and remembers only that.

    Whenever the Adult hears the word Indian History - he remembers only Mugal and British and thinks only that as His history.
  • Dear friend,
    Your quote from Swami Vivekananda seem to lack credibility. It is very rash by language and judgement

    By the way J.Krisnamurthy has been emphatic tha al religious books like Geetha, Bible,or Koran are second hand, and one should not trust them.

  • VKR,

    Please visit the below site..its the authentic online edition of the
    complete works of vivekananda...

    on the menu on left

    go to the link 'Lectures from Colombo to Almora'

    go to ' Future of India'

    scroll down to the end of the page, and fourth para from bottom...just
    before the sanskrit quote

    Read the para fully...the exact words are given..

    Swami Vivekananda has criticized modern education left, right and center
    throughout his life. He is more harsh than what you can imagine....
  • Just to add...if you question the authencity of the website, I have verified
    the same with the print edition I have and it is there word by word.
  • I acknowledge your package on Swami vivekananda. Thank you. I take your word Mr.Srinivasan was right ihis quote.

    Perhaps you had dispelled some illusions I had about him. I read him some 20 years back. Even then I had not accepted his views on religion, though I admire his energy and spirit in fighting for what he believed. He is a role model for youth.

    His mastery in English and sssSanskrit is awsome achievement.

  • Dear Good Friend,
    I have quoted right from the Conversations with Vivekanada published byRamakrishna Mission.So your lacking credibility does not hold true.Vivekananda lived during the british period and his comment on theeducative system of the british is more important than JK's.Please do remember the same comments were approved by no other thanpersonality like Dr.Radhakrishnan whose credentials I need not offer.JK did not bother about any dogma like the buddha but unfortunately they themselvesget have created a dogma just like the rationalist society offering an explanation thatnature has created EVR Periyar to clear away all superstious in society, this is nothingbut putting the avatara theory in different mould.JK also told not to believe anything that he told and they had to actuallyexperience which is what the gita too says whenkrishna famously says to arjuna,buddhau sharanam gaccha -- seek refuge in the buddhi whichcannot be exactly translated in english.First
    shed your communist mentality that religion is the opium of the masses.What religion did to Gandhi,barathi , tagore , chatrapathi shivaji,Tilak,vivekananda,ramanuja,shankara, no amount of foreign dogmas can do.Donot forget a Harishchandra katha made Gandhi resolve to stick to truth for his lifeand Story of Shravan kumar made his service to parents a holdy duty.Dont take a dogmatic and unrealsistic view of history.
  • Thanks for this.

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