Vaish=shaiv conflict in Suprabatham
  • With all due respects sir, I am really amused by the way you interpret
    things.. :)
    Keep up the good work.
  • Dear Sirs,

    I have heard a small talk between the temple poojaris during a temple
    function that happend near my hse. They said in those days in the same hse
    thr wr saivaites n vaishnavaites. it was only their thought of intimacy to
    one god. when husband used to pray to siva, wife to devi and son to vishnu,
    y wud there be a conflict? these conflicts wen happen in a kingly
    atmosphere, (means ruling n allied families), they used it for politics. it
    is not only for saivism n vaishnavism, but in other religions also. This is
    not only happend it is happening and will hapen until people really realise
    their folly..... Shiva n Vishnu are equal and this shows the form
    Sankaranarayanan. And that is y siva praying to vishnu and Vishnu praying to
    siva - mutually existing. Man is supposed to respect another man as himself
    - that's wat they mean to say, they said. They also said if you look to
    shiva as father and vishnu as mother then all problem will be solved. They
    also were discussing that even great people hwo wrote the songs and chants
    were a bit influenced by the ruling king bcos the king name wud b with them
    in their daily chores even.

    If any thing is wrong/modified, please let me know. I posted this situation
    here because this site make me improve my knowledge. I can also question
    those ppl wen i meet them next.
  • Will make another detailed post on this some times later
  • Some more news:

    During RRC period - food was offered to pilgrims going to Tirumala Tirupathi - Inscription at Virateswarar siva temple Tiruthani

    Simillarly - Many siva temples like Kooram, Pullalur, Perur have inscription of grants for Ramayanam and Mahabharata Upanyasams

    Most of the Residents of Chaturvedimangalams were Vedic people and for them both Siva and Vishnu are equal. Vedas praise both and accepting Vedas in part ( ie either siva part or vishnu part alone)was not acceptable.

    Appayya Deekshidar was an Advaitin. During his period Siva Dwesham was high and he opposed that. He maintained that Siva, Vishnu and Devi are 3 important trinity and called them Ratnattriam. In his native Adayappalam he constructed temples for both Siva and Vishnu.

    Most of Smarta peopel wear Vibhudi and Rudraksham and at the same time have Vishnu or Village deity as Kuladeivam. I dont believe this Appayya Deekshida inncident. There are versions of Vaishnava Acharya doing pariharam at Pakshi teertham after being defeated by Deekshidar( Tirukkhazuguk Kundram) In any case - that also is doubtful.

    Adisankara - In His Vishnu Stutis mentions Vishnu as Supreme, Siva stutis Siva as supreme and In Devi stutis Devi as supreme and says Siva, Vishnu are all her servants. It should be understood that for each Upasaka, his lord is supreme and should have bhakthi ( w.o dwesham of other moorthis)

    rVedanta Desika and Swami Vidyaranya worked together to bring back normalcy in Tamilnadu. The Madhwa sect Acharya Vyasaraja headed Tirumala and did poojas with his hands for 12 years during an emergency. The admn of Kumbeswarar and Sarangapani temples of Kumbakonam once was with Vijayendra swamy of Madhwa sect ( he was the paramaguru of Raghavendra swamy) and Raghavendra swamy when moved to Mantralaya handed over Kumbesan temple to kanchi Sankara mutt and Sarangapani to Ahobila Mutt ( who were stationed at Kumbakonam then)
  • > Most of Smarta peopel wear Vibhudi and Rudraksham and at the same time have Vishnu or Village deity as Kuladeivam. I dont believe this Appayya Deekshida inncident

    Lord Krishna was depicted as wearing Thiruneeru in
    some Pasurams !!

    Pasurams are of Post Narasihma (650 AD) - Pre - Parantaka ( 910 AD) period !


  • The Vibhudhi is made with cowdung ashes with Aththi mara leaves that will cure head ache. Rudraksha will control the BP the holy lamps will cure cancer paralysis and polio.
    The olive oil with lemon juice will increase the Hb / iron in blood.

    All the rituals is based on Occult Chemistry known as siddah medicine.

    Agamas of temples are based on Astronomy and the soil. Vyghrapathar who was a Jaina turned Saiva had written many texts on these agamas which were followed by Desigachar. Desigam (When he was the Sivacharya at the tiruannamalai Templ) also written agama when he was sitting under the main gopura of Tirvannamalai temple after Malikaffors invasion. May be 1340 but Malikaffor invaded South India in 1310. It took 30 years to recover from the shock. The manuscript is with OML.
  • Vyagrapadhar Jain...this is new. Reference please
  • Unfortunately the book I had this reference was taken by some one who visited and took this as hand loan never returned. Soon I will post that ref.
  • Dear Satish,

    I could reply you apppropriately, but it will not be published in this website.


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