Ponnar-Shankar Legend
  • Hi PS Group,

    After watching the recent (so-called) historical movie, Ponnar-Shankar, I felt the story was different from what I have heard. Hailing from a village called Nallur in Tiruppur, still remember people talking about these legends during yearly festival in the Annamaar temples.

    I was searching in the internet for this, and could find different story lines. This story also has a Chola king in the picture who is supposedly let the ‘Ponni vala nadu’ as an independent state to be governed. Do you know which Chola emperor could that be? Is there any historical references to this legend? Any inscriptions, etc?

    Thank you!
  • Resending the email just to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the day’s busy work.
  • Hi,

    My kula deivam is annamar swamy, another name of Ponnar Sankar. We used to conduct kunnadayan story in our temple every sivanrathri. The original story as played by these traditional artists differs a lot from what karunanidhi wrote in his novel.

    And the film ponnar-sankar is more deviating from the novel written by karunanidhi.

    The important deviation (infact, we see it as insult to our gods) is the duet song in the film. In the original story, ponnar sankar will NOT even see the faces of muthayee and pavalayee, and will go to war immediately after their marriage. But in the movie, ponnar sankar was shown as singing duet in their dreams..

    Next, there is no attempt of rape of arukkani, in the original script. In both novel and film, it exists..

    In original story, kuppayee, the close friend of arukkani will be kidnapped, when vettuva army starts invading chola region. Arukkani will ask his brothers to save kuppayee, for which ponnar will say, that since their region is NOT attacked, they cannot intervene.. arukkani will get angry and will ask, whether they will say the same, if she herself was kidnapped by the vettuva army. Only then will ponnar and sankar will go and fight the vettuva army..

    In karunanidhi's version, it was totally different.. it was projected as though vettuva kind thalaiyoor kaali would try to kidnap arukkani, and that kuppayee will save her by acting as arukkani, and the kidnappers will mistakenly take her..

    There is no rakkiannan character in the original story..

    There is no mandhiappan character in the original story..

    Today, the cine directors are killing the history, through their film.. ayirathil oruvan was one such film, which imposed western history over indian one..

    Ponnar Sankar is another one, in which the dressing, buildings, and many other things are wrongly depicted.. We can see the impact of gladiators in these films, and this is not good for our indian history..
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  • Dear All
    I read Ponnar Sankar a few years ago...my recollection was it was based in the 1400s or 1500s and not 100 years ago. Honestly after reading Kalki and Akilan and Sandilyan...I felt let down by the book...the main charectors commit suicide and the reason wasn't very impressive either.
    It may be poetic licence ....
    To me it felt like it was in the time of fiefdoms and zamins just before the advent of the europeans but I amay be wrong

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  • All these explanations will not reach our people's brains.........
    Only wat is seen in the movie will stick with fevicol in their
    We cant lament on this bcos no 1 will fight against the rulers genuinely for
    a cause......

    Can this be taken to court for legal actions against this!?!?!?!?
    Certainly no1 will attempt to post a query to a lawyer also........

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