• hello,

    i recently read a book named 'sangathara' - historical novel which claimed to
    address the 'bermuda triangle' of chozha history - aditya karikalan's murder. it
    answers most of the questions that are in the PSVP site on ravidasan

    just wanted to see if you folks have read the same (i heard the novel being
    mentioned in one of the threads - but not able to pick that thread) and what is
    your opinion, as it provides some shocking revelations.

    the author is a journalist, working in 'the hindu' and this is his 2nd novel,
    the first one being 'kaalachakram' - another outstanding novel.

    do read these 2 novels, if you have not and let me know your thoughts on the
    plot and the revelations.

    good day
  • Dear Rajesh

    I have read the novel and as a novel it is a good novel and the author's angle is good which is the earlier version of Kovi Manisekaran "ADHITHA KARIKALAN KOLAI"

    But the final point which is not acceptable by many historical reader. I don't want to open the suspensse in the novel. No one accept that. I had a discussion with the author the next day itself and many discussion went on the climax point.

    The novel is interested. Good flow and you cann't stop reading once you started. In fact this novel released 2011 book exibition.

    Problem is climax. Many people called him and share their views on the anti climax.
  • Dear Sundar, agree with you on the fact it is a fascinating novel, with /
    without the climax . to be honest, i do not have enough knowledge to dispute or
    endorse what is said in the novel. to your point, keeping such a huge fact
    (climax) under the carpet for years is definitely a challenge and history would
    have revealed that earlier, if it had been true.

    yeah, even i had a discussion with the author. how do you view the points on
    ravidasan? with similar questions asked in the link - im tending to believe that
    one part is true.

    can you please name the publisher of the aditha karikalan kolai book? where can
    i get that? please let me know. i have not read that.
  • Hi

    It is published in 1983 writen by Kovi Manisekaran. Published by abiramai publication, 307 lingichetti st, chennai-1. It is out of stock.

    check with easwari lending library chennai 9 branches.
  • Guys,

    Please let me know where i can i buy this book online ??? thanks in advance ...

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