My book on Chola Murals
  • Dear Group members,

    After a short delay, my book on the Chola Murals (the murals of Rajarajesvaram) has been printed. The book will be available for sale at ASI offices at Chennai soon.

    I thank all those members who supported me when I documented the murals and showed sincere interest in its publication with interpretation.

  • Fantastic effort sir. Eagerly awaiting
  • Dear Sri. Sriraman Sir,



    Museum Curator C Sivaramamurthy was instrumental in documenting Nataraja - among other matters - for his next generation !!

    Dr. Sathyamurthy Sir, YOURSELF - Rajavelu, Paranthaman Team - along with our beloved Photographer Thyagarajan was instrumental in serving us this FEAST OF CHOLA MURALS !!

    We also recall the stress level undergone by Frontline Reporter Sri Subramanian on this happy occasion !!

    Sir - YOU HAVE SCORED A WONDERFUL PLACE IN SOUTH INDIAN HISTORY along the Legends like Prof. Govindasamy of Annamalai University Chidambaram - who UNEARTHED Chola Murals for us !!

    Kindly accept our Hearty congratulations !!

    We are proud to have you among us Sir.
  • CongratsRaman Ji for the excellent work
  • Dear Friends ,
    Greetings ,
    Would like to have your comments on the book ' Sankathara' a Tamil historical novel written by Kalachakaram Narasimhan . He narrates the story of how , why and by whom , Aathithya Karikalan , elder brother of RRC was murdered ,
  • Dear Sir

    Please give us more details on where to get this book and the address.  Thanks.

    best regards/ Chander
  • Wonderful to hear this Sriraman sir. All the very best..
  • dears,

    can any one guide me how I can get a copy of this wonderful publication
    delivered to me in Europe ? of course I need to know the costs involved and how
    I can make the payments etc.,
  • Great news Sriraman sir.Congratulations.
    Eagerly awaiting the book so that we can lay our hands on it :)
  • Thank you for the info. Whats the price? Please inform us when it is available to buy.
  • Dear Sriraman

    Great work. Can I get the book in Delhi?

  • Great news sir!!! Congratulations!
  • The book (258 pages full colour orinted on imported art paper) is priced Rs.800/-. It is available for sale at The ASI, Chennai Circle office (Clive Building 044 25670397/0396)and the Publication Counter ASI Janpath New Delhi

  • Good Going Sir. Thanks for the book to the World and esp. for us all known
  • Dear MR. Sriraman

    I'm in Chennai. Please let me know where to get this book. Thanks a ton in adv.

    best regards/ Chander
  • Dear Mr. Sriraman

    Thanks for the info. Please ignore my today's mail asking for the same details again. I missed this one out due to excessive mails in my box. Thanks again.

    best regards/ chander
  • Dear Sriraman,

    very glad to know of the details.

    will buy next week.

    best wishes and rgds / sps

  • i wud really love to read this buk. do we get it anywhere? if so pls send the address.

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