30th Meet at Chennai -
  • Dear Friends,

    Location : Ashvitha Art Gallary,
    R.K.Salai, Chennai (near Kalyani Hospital)

    Time: 5:30 to 8.30

    We are planning to honour ::

    Maniyam Selvan - Artist
    Prof. Swaminathan - Heritage Book
    Mrs. Rani Giftsiromoney - Heritage
    Mr. Sachidhanamdam - Panniuthirumurai
    Mr. Seetharaman - Antique coins
    Mr. Raman - do -
    Mr. Ashok (Photographer)
    Mr. Thiagarajan ( Photographer)
    Mr. Vijaykumar ( Poetry in Stone )

    Pls attend the function without fail
    and participate in the Dinner too.

    greetings. sps & moderators
  • Hello everyone,

    These are the times when I feel very bad about being away from Chennai. All the
    very best to all of you to make this function a success.
  • Dear Organisers,

    I am coming too.
  • Dear Friends,

    The show was excellent...

    Excellent presentation on Coins by Mr. SITARAMAN and Chola Coins exhibition
    by Mr. RAMAN.

    And excellent presentaion on Murals by our Vijay.

    Today we were totally immersed in the joy of feeling, touching and seeing
    2000 years long history.

    Thiru, Shash, Sivaram kannan were there in the function. Hope I have
    covered all the names!
  • Hello Madam,

    I presume you are the one who did those amazing sketches/paintings redrawn
    from the ruins - which Vj had it in his presentation. Are those work going
    to be published?? I wish that happens.


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